Informatics Staff Awards – June 2022

The Informatics Staff Awards 2022 were announced on Wednesday 22 June 2022.


Team Award

ITO Team

Michelle Bain, Gillian Bell, Kerry Fernie, Ray Finlayson, Doug McCorquodale, Sophie MillsToni Noble, Kendal Reid, Lindsay Seal

Particularly for this year’s exam period given the number of absences within the team.

Individual Awards

Luca Arnaboldi

For stepping into the breach to teach secure programming course.
Peter Bell For citizenship in stepping in at short notice to cover a colleague’s absence and supporting those students and post-docs for an extended period of time.
Rob Court For his contributions to the University’s Staff Pride Network.
Verna Dankers and Matthias Lindeman TA for Foundations of Natural Language Processing
Garry Ellard For tirelessly supporting students in guiding them through successful completion of their projects.
Dy Harvey For outstanding work on managing schools finance functions throughout the pandemic and in the absence of team members.
Craig McKenzie Smith

Calmly managing the schools research finance function in the absence of two colleagues.

Rimvydas Rubavicius

TA for INf2b and establishing a new research group in ITL.  And has leadership in raising charity donations for Ukraine.

Steph Smith For her extraordinary efforts to help new colleagues and cover absences.
Kami Vaniea For her citizenship and mentoring for integrating new staff and students into the school.

Thanks also to all our other nominees:

Cristina Alexandru
Ruta Bader
Janet Ball
Gillian Bell
Sam Bishop
Neil Brown
Aurora Constantin
Nikolaos Dandoulakis
Keith Edwards
Facilities Team; Victoria Lee, Carol Marini
Ray Finlayson
Jacques Fleuriot
Bjoern Franke
Sally Galloway
Neil Heatley
Jane Hillston
Nicola Hopper 
Patrick Hudson
InfHR Team; Sam Inch, Shelly Kennedy, Jenny O'Donnell, Nicki Reid
Shelly Kennedy
Learning Technologists; Alex Burford, Meredith Corey, Fiona Hale
Vicky MacTaggart
Carol Marini

Stuart McKerlie

Fiona McNeill

Sophie Mills

Jenny O'Donnell

Joanne Pennie
Barbara Webb