Research Evaluation Framework (REF) Workshop

The Research Evaluation Framework (REF) is a research evaluation assessment conducted on behalf of the UK government every 5-6 years.

The score that the School achieves in the REF has a major impact on our funding for the following period. The next REF will take place in 2021.

The University will be undertaking a mock REF exercise in the middle of 2018. One of the major components of our REF submission are research papers from individuals within the School that have been published within the period.

The exact rules for REF 2021 are yet to be determined but all academic staff are expected to be returned, and research staff who can demonstrate independence, either through having secured their own funding or through having a leadership role within the project that funds them.

The workshop

At this workshop 12:30-2:00 on 6th November, organised by Steve Renals (REF Coordinator) and Jane Hillston (Director of Research), some background to REF and our current understanding of the rules for 2021 were given.

There was a focus on the research papers to be submitted by individuals and how to select them. Each submitted paper must be accompanied by a 100 word commentary, presenting the significance, impact and rigour of the paper and guidance was given on how to write such statements.

Slides from the event