Booking & charges

Booking information and charges for use of the facilities.


Studio and Perception Lab room bookings are made through the informatics room booking system. Existing bookings can be viewed at -  to access this system you need to use a computer on the University network (or VPN).

New bookings can be made through requests to level3admin@inf (for Informatics) or (for PPLS).

Internal Charges

Use of the facilities is charged using a Small Research Facility (SRF) rate which has been registered with Finance, is accepted by Research Councils, and is reviewed every year at the end of February. This charge includes running costs, limited technical support, plus some capital, which is set aside to contribute to the cost of replacing the hardware.

Writers of grants who wish to use the facility should costs usage using the figures provided below. Existing grant holders and researchers wishing to use the facility who have not costed usage in their current project should address requests to the contact link above. Charges can currently usually be waived for PhD students in Informatics and PPLS who are not funded from a specific project grant and have no other means to pay the charges.

Sound Studio Charges

Room Use Cost
Studios 1,2, 3 or anechoic General Audio Recording £51 per hour per room
Studio 3 Eye-Tracking £51 per hour per room
Studios 1 or 2 EMA* £3330 per session*

* EMA usage is complex and discussion of requirements should be made before costing usage, use the contact link above for further information. 

Perception Lab Charges

Room Use Cost
Booths 1-4 Any £31 per hour
Booths 5-8 Any £31 per hour

External Charges

Limited use of the facilities may be possible by users external to Informatics and PPLS, enquires should be addressed to the contact link above.