The Sound Studios

The Sound Studios consist of four recording rooms off of a large control room.

Studios 1 and 2

Image of the sound lab

Studios 1 and 2 are are reasonably large recording areas that can be used to record an individual subject or small groups of up to three people comfortably. Audio over IP routing technology allows combinations of these rooms to be used together in interesting ways. Each studio is controlled from a computer running Apple's Logic Studio situated on a desk in the control room looking into the studio through a window. Additionally any number of studios can be controlled from a single desk.

In addition to general audio recording, studios 1 and 2  are equipped with Electromagnetic Articulographs. The following audio equipment is available:

  • 2x Neumann km150 microphones on stands
  • 1x Neumann ak31 omnidirectional capsule (to be used with above microphone)
  • 2x DPA 4088 Headset microphones
  • 2x Headphones for subjects
  • Optional Stereo Monitor speakers
  • 1x small "voice over" table
  • 1x music stands
The Control Desks for each studio are equipped with:
  • 2x Headsets with microphones
  • 1 monitor speaker

All of the audio equipment is routed through an Axia audio routing system to allow virtual patching of 48kHz channels between any two locations within the studio suite. Each control desk has an iMac computer with a Weiss AFI1 digital audio interface to mix and record incoming audio streams using Apple's Logic Studio software.

Studio 3: Joint Eyetracking Lab

The third sound studio houses the Joint Eyetracking Lab.

Hemi-Anechoic Chamber

The fourth recording room in the Sound Studios suite is a hemi-anechoic chamber with a Pro-Tools HD recoding setup. This is the best option when crystal clear sound quality is required.

The hemi-anechoic room is configured with the following equipment:

  • 1x Neumann U89i Microphone on a stand
  • 1x Sennheiser HKH 800 p48 microphone on a stand  
  • 1x DPA 4035 headset microphone attached to
  • 1x Beyerdynamic DT770 headphones
  • 1x  20" LCD display
  • 1x Music stand
The control desk for the hemi-anechoic room houses a Mac Pro with an Apogee Quartet recording interface.