Plan S in Informatics

Preparations for and implications of Plan S in Informatics.

Implications for researchers

There are a number of implications of Plan S for researchers to consider. The below are advised by the University's Scholarly Communications team.

  • Authors must retain copyright. Transferral of copyright to publishers is not allowed;
  • Research outputs must be published under an open licence (like CC-BY);
  • There must be immediate access to publications without any embargo period;
  • There will be a maximum allowable charge for open access publications costs;
  • Gold open access publishing in subscription-based (hybrid) journals is not allowed;
  • Green open access may be compliant if the output is immediately available upon publication of the final version of record.

Plan S information from the Scholarly Communications team

Informatics preparations

Plan S was discussed at a dedicated Research Lunch 1-2pm on Monday 14 January 2019 in MF2. The lunch included a 30 min presentation on Open Access and Plan S, held by Eugen Stoica from Scholarly Communications, with questions from colleagues in attendance. The presentation is available below, and questions have been inlcuded in the Plan S FAQs.

Plan S FAQs