Environment in Informatics

School specific information on preparations for the environment component of REF2021.

The research environment has a weighting of 15% for REF2021.  It assessed in terms of "vitality" and "sustainability".  Vitality is concerned with our research culture and research strategy;  Sustainability is concerned with how the research environment supports the future development of Informatics, specifically Informatics at Edinburgh. The information returned includes quantitative information about research income and the number of PhD graduates, and narrative text providing evidence for the vitality and sustainability of our research environment.  The text covers four areas:

  • The achievement of our research strategy, and details of our future strategic aims;
  • Staffing strategy, including the promotion of equality and diversity, support for career development, and training of research students;
  • Income, infrastructure, and facilities;
  • Collaboration and contribution to the research base, economy and society.

Our environment narrative will have both top-down input (linking to the vitality and sustainability of the university research environment) and bottom-up input, from institutes, EPCC, and research centres.