Information on UKRI grant reporting via Researchfish.

What is Researchfish?

Researchfish ( is the website used by UKRI Councils to allow grant holders to report on the progress of their grants. 

Grant holders can add information on research outputs, key findings and impact to the system at any time.  Roughly once a year, this information must be submitted to UKRI.  After submission, the information will appear on the UKRI Gateway to Research (

The submission period for 2022 was 7 February 2021 to 17 March 2021 at 4pm.  Informatics had a 100% submission rate for staff members!

The 2023 Research Outcome Data Collection will open 6 February 2023 and close at 4pm on 16 March 2023. Eligible grant holders will be contacted closer to the submission window.

Grant holders can add information to Researchfish at any point and do not need to wait until the submission period.

Who needs to make a Researchfish submission?

Both students and staff who are UKRI funded are asked to make a submission. Submission is mandatory for staff, and encouraged for students.

Submissions need to be made for any grants that are either current or have ended in the last five years.  Everyone who is required to submit should be emailed by Researchfish, but if you are uncertain if this applies to you, or which grants you need to submit for, please email Victoria Lindström in the Informatics RDM team:

Only the grant holder can make the submission in Researchfish.

What needs to be submitted?

The following information is required for all grants:

  • research outputs produced by the grant
  • key findings
  • narrative impact

Any information added in previous years will still be in the system, so only new outputs, findings or impact are needed.

If the grant is still running and has produced no outputs, impact or findings, it is possible to make a nil return but the grant holder will still need to go into the Researchfish system and make the submission.

There is additional guidance for EPSRC grant holders on the UKRI website.

Researchfish guidance for EPSRC grant holders

What happens if grant holders don't submit?

From 2016 there are sanctions for all UKRI councils for staff grant holders.  Sanctions may mean that:

  • PI may be unable to apply (either as a PI or Co-I) for further awards from any Research Council.
  • Payments for current awards may be withheld.

There are no sanctions for students who fail to submit, but they are strongly encouraged to submit.

What support is available?

Please see the individual pages for staff and students for information on support available.

Researchfish support for staff

Researchfish support for students