Guide for Current PPar Students

Information for current PPar CDT students about their responsibilities, policies and procedures to observe, and links to pertinent resources.

Academic Matters

A detailed overview of the 1-year MSc by Research and 3-year PhD stages, including information on assessments, progression, and course/training requirements.

PPar Student Responsibilities

EPSRC CDT students have responsibilities and expectations which, at times, differ to other Informatics PhD students. This section summarizes PPar students’ remit.

PPar Student Budgets

This section provides an overview of your individual budget, including important restrictions on its use.

Academic Output Policies

Information on managing your academic outputs (i.e. papers, posters and presentations). This section includes details about complying with acknowledgement, publication and open access policies.

Student Support & Resources

Information and useful resources available to our students, including representation schemes, and the shared CDT computing cluster.