PPar Student Responsibilities

EPSRC CDT students have responsibilities and expectations which, at times, differ to other Informatics PhD students. This section summarizes PPar students’ remit.

The CDT in Pervasive Parallelism is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). It is a UK government-run that falls under the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) umbrella. 

Reporting Committments

All PPar students agree to share basic details about their studies (title, abstract, supervisor) and general information (as provided in your application) for statistical and annual review purposes.  Students should also ensure their contact details provided to the School and funder are up-to-date.

To fulfill their reporting commitments, PPar students must:

  • notify the CDT Administrator of new published works, presentations and public engagement activities (to be published on the PPar website outputs page)
  • update researchfish (R) annually
  • appropriately acknowledge EPSRC in publications, posters and other materials (see Acknowledgements page for instructions)
  • inform the CDT Administrator of changes to their supervisory team, thesis abstract and title
  • when undertaking an internship, inform the CDT Administrator of their positition title and dates

It is also vital that you report any participation in conferences, workshops and other events which is not otherwise communicated to the CDT Administrator via your fund requests.

If you attended any academic or industry events please e-mail the following information to ppar-cdt@inf.ed.ac.uk:

  • Type of event (e.g. conference, workshop, summer school)
  • Event name
  • Dates
  • Location
  • Funding source

Academic Requirements

It is your responsiblity to complete all CDT PPar compulsory courses (see the Academic Matters section) and attend as many PPar events as feasible for your schedule. You must also ensure that you complete your MScR and PhD by the stipulated deadline and to the required academic standards. 

Public Engagement

Students are expected to take part in public engagement activities and events, expanding their horizons and networks by interacting and collaborating through the many opportunities offered via the programme, industry partners, the School, Informatics Ventures, and Edinburgh at large. The UKRI calls on students and supervisors "to actively communicate the research to the public at both local and national level, and to raise awareness of the role of science and research in any related issues of public interest".

University Regulations

It is your responsibility to comply with the University procedures where EPSRC terms and conditions defer to standing home institute policies.

The majority of policies relevant to PPar students are covered on this website and on IGS pages for PhD students.  They include: 

Paid Work & Internship Policies

As per UKRI guidelines, students are free to take teaching or demonstrating work, so long as it does not interfere with their study programme. The UKRI recommends to dedicate no more than 6 hours per week to such activities. 

Internships are also permissible during the undertaking of the programme. If you undertake a paid internship, your funding will be suspended for its duration, as per UKRI requirements.  Students are responsible for reporting paid internships by applying for an interruption via IGS. 

PPar Communications 

As CDT in Pervasive Parallelism students, you will regularly receive messages from PPar administration and directorate, as well as communications from EPRSC (and/or your funder),  the University and School of Informatics. Each student is responsible for reviewing all communications, taking action and providing information requested by these parties in a timely fashion.

All information related to your studies is sent to your University email account, so ensure to check it regularly or set up email forwarding to another service.

While you may receive courtesy reminders from PPar administration, please remember that it remains your responsibility to meet all the requirements associated with your studentship. 

If at anytime you are uncertain of which University or School regulations apply to you, please contact the CDT Administrator for CDT-specific advice or help in redirecting your query, where appropriate.

Industry-Funded Students

Industry-funded students typcially have additional responsibilities to their funders. These may include undertaking a placement / internship with your funder or acknowledging your funder in academic publications. Student reponsibilities should be outlined and reviewed by the student and primary supervisor prior to signing the studentship agreement.  If you are uncertain on any terms, please consult your supervisor.