Teaching Support Opportunites

Information on vacancies within the school.

The School of Informatics is able to offer a wide range of part-time tutoring, demonstrating, marking and related jobs to students who are currently studying at the University of Edinburgh.  These Teaching Support posts mean we can commit to providing faster feedback to UG and PGT students, whilst ensuring that tutor groups can be kept to a minimum size.  These benefits contribute to an improved learning experience for our students, help improve retention rates, provide better graduates and raise the profile of the courses and programmes we offer.

We also hope that you will benefit from this exposure to the teaching environment.  Previous employees have reported that this type of work provides a valuable insight for those considering a career in academia and a useful transferable skill for those of you whose future lies elsewhere.  Work on a particular course might also improve your knowledge of a subject area, or open up new research opportunities.

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