Attendance & engagement monitoring for visa sponsored students

Tier 4 student attendance & engagement monitoring guidance and policies.

As a ‘sponsor’ of international students within the UK immigration system, the University is required to evidence visa sponsored student attendance and engagement.  International students often require a student route visa to study in the UK.  Though other types of visas are possible (for example if the student is permitted to study while holding a spouse visa), those on a student route visa are the most common.  See UK Visa requirements for additional information.  

Information regarding the role and responsibilities of both the sponsored student and of the University as a sponsor is available via the Student Immigration Service web page.  Students are advised to read the University's Student Attendance and Engagement Policy so they understand their role and responsibilities with respect to engagement and monitoring. 

To ensure we meet the engagement requirements for visa sponsored students outlined in the above University policy and required by UKVI, the School  has an implementation policy that must be followed by all staff in relation to sponsored students. This outlines information about the responsibilities of Personal Tutors, Supervisors, and Administrative Staff. For this and guidance notes for PGR supervisors in relation to the new Engagement Tab in EUCLID,  please see the Policy for Informatics Postgraduate Research students.

Additional guidance for staff is available from the Student Immigration Service intranet page (required MyEd login).