Examination process

The procedure for dissertation submission and examination.


Submit your dissertation

For information regarding submission  please see Submitting Your Dissertation. You should submit the appropriate number of soft-bound copies of your dissertation to the College Office.

Examiners receive dissertation

Following submission of your dissertation, the College Postgraduate Research Office will send the dissertation and examination paperwork to your appointed examiners.  The dissertation will be posted to your examiners usually within five working days.  The examiners are then given two to three months to examine the dissertation.

Examiner reports

The internal and external examiner will each complete one report and submit it to College Office.  The examiners are required to make a joint recommendation to the College Postgraduate Studies Committee.  Once the College Office has received both reports, they will be formally approved by the Postgraduate Research Board of Examiners.

Board of Examiners

The College Board of Examiners meets once a month, usually in the second week of each month.  The decision of the examiners, if agreed by the Committee, will be communicated to the student by letter.  Students should not receive any decisions about the examination until a few days after a meeting.  
The examiners may recommend:
  • Award Pass with Distinction in Masters by Research 
  • Award Pass with Merit in Masters by Research
  • Award Pass in Masters by Research - The dissertation satisfies the requirements for the award of the degree laid down in the Universities Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study and that the degree should be awarded.  No further changes can be made to the dissertation after examination.
  • Award Postgraduate Diploma - The dissertation is substantially inadequate in one or more of the requirements for the Masters by Research and cannot be revised to satisfy these requirements.  However, the work is of sufficient quality to merit the award of postgraduate diploma or certificate.
  • Fail  - The dissertation is substantially deficient in respect of all or any of the requirements for the degree and cannot be revised to satisfy these or any other research degree.

Award letter

You will be sent a letter informing you about the award of your degree a few days after the Board of Examiners meeting.  The letter will also inform you that you are eligible to graduate and will include instructions on how to register for graduation. A copy of the letter is sent to the Principal Supervisor and Internal Examiner. 

Correspondence address

It is your responsibility to make sure that the College Postgraduate Research Office holds details of your up-to-date correspondence address. The College Office will use the mailing address that is listed on your EUCLID record listed as 'contact/ term-time address'. If this address is not correct then it is your responsibility to update this information. You can do so via the Student Personal Details channel on MyEd. Please see the following link for instructions on how to do this: 

Change Student Record Details


If you are living abroad and would like to receive a scanned copy of the award letter you should let College know.

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