Preparing to leave

Please read this information carefully if you are getting ready to leave Informatics.

Leaver's checklist

Before you depart, please ensure that the following forms are completed and that you have returned all keys to the IGS Office (INF 3.42). The Future Plans form includes a place for you to tell us your forwarding address (this is the address we'll use for your final transcript).

Future plans form

Archiving your thesis

Once your course of study is complete (or you have submitted a research thesis for examination) the various university systems will begin to record you as leaving or having left.  Below we have outlined when this will usually happen and the action you need to take if you require continued access to services or systems.

Student card

The swipe card access system is computer controlled and is connected with Student Administration. The card will normally cease to operate after the last day of the month following your maximum end date (submission deadline). This will usually be the expiry date on the card. If you need access after this date - for example to clear out your desk and/or to make required changes to your thesis - please contact the IGS to arrange access to the building.

Further Student Card information.

Library card

The Library access is also controlled by the student card and so you will cease to be a member of the library when your card expires or is terminated (see above). If you require continued access to the university library facilities you must provide the library with a letter from your Director of Studies or Principal Supervisor requesting visitor membership of the Library.

DICE account

Informatics DICE accounts will normally be disabled shortly after you graduate, following a similar policy to central computing accounts. If you have a genuine academic reason for your account to remain active then please log a request with Computing Support using the webform.

Computing Support webform

Email accounts

Your email account will continue to operate as normal for 120 days following graduation. The account will then be suspended for 30 days and, if you take no action, subsequently deleted. If you have a genuine academic reason for your account to remain active beyond the times noted then please contact Information Services.

Information Services - Email Services

Mailing address

When you leave it is crucial to update your contact details:

College Office: They require your current mailing address so that they can send your Award Letter to you. The College Office will use the mailing address that is listed on your EUCLID record. If this address is not correct then it is your responsibility to update this information. It is also important this is kept up to date so that Student Administration can remain in touch regarding Graduations, etc. You can do so via the Student Personal Details channel on MyEd. Please see the following link for instructions on how to do this: 

Change Student Record Details

Careers Service

The University's Careers Service provides dedicated information and advice to postgraduate students seeking employment, including advice and resources for preparing CV's and interview performance tips. This information is available here:

UOE PhD Careers Service pages