Submitting your thesis for examination

How to submit your thesis.

Covid 19 Update:

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic all PGR students should submit their thesis electronically until further notice. Please scroll down this page to the 'Electronic Submission' section and follow this guidance. Vivas will be conducted remotely also and guidance will be provided by your local PGR support team or please see the guidance here. Any further questions on restrictions during this time please contact 

Thesis binding

You are required to submit at least 2 soft-bound copies of your thesis to the College Office along with 2 electronic PDF copies. The PDF copies can be submitted on USBs, CDs or the PDF file can be sent to the College Academic Affairs office by email providing the file is not too large (please note, however, that this method may not be secure). The University's DataSync file hosting service can also be used to submit the electronic version.  If you have been or are currently a member of staff at the University you may be required to submit 3 soft-bound copies for examination; you should discuss this with your Supervisor.

Each copy of your thesis must contain the following:

  • Signed declaration page
  • Abstract of Thesis and Lays Summary 
  • Electronic copy of Thesis (including Abstract and thesis) - please ensure the electronic copies are suitably attached to each Thesis.

At the front of the thesis, students are required to incorporate a signed declaration. The declaration must state:

(a) that the thesis has been composed by the candidate, and

(b) either that the work is the candidate's own, or, if the candidate has been a member of a research group, that the candidate has made a substantial contribution to the work, such contribution being clearly indicated, and

(c) that the work has not been submitted for any other degree or professional qualification except as specified. Students must ensure the declaration has been signed and dated by themselves.  If you are unable to sign the page after the thesis has been printed, please insert an image of your signature on the Declaration Page before printing.

The University has printing and binding services on the King's Buildings Campus (James Clerk Maxwell Building) and in the Central area (Infirmary Street).  For further information on locations to have your thesis bound please visit the Binding Services web page. Your thesis must conform to the College of Science and Engineering Thesis Format and Binding Guidelines.  The 'Temporary Binding' paragraph in the document relates to the requirements for a soft-bound thesis.

N.B. After your thesis has been examined you will be requested to submit a hard-bound copy of your thesis along with an electronic copy (submitted to PURE) (along with other final submission documentation).  The University no longer has hard-bookbinding facilities but the Binding Services web page also gives a list of suggested commercial book-binders you could use.

Thesis format and binding guidelines

Binding services  

Final submission documentation


Submitting your thesis for the first time (examination)

You are required to submit on or before the  Maximum End Date of your degree programme.  This, your absolute deadline for submission, can be found on your MyEd Portal.

If you think you will need longer to complete your thesis contact your supervisor and the Informatics Graduate School immediately.  They will organise the request for an extension to your deadline.  You will be charged a Continuation Fee for extensions, which is calculated per month.  Please note, you may also need an extension to your visa; you should contact Edinburgh Global for information.  Extensions to your funding may or may not be possible; you should contact your Supervisor and Institute Portfolio Manager.

Extension to your deadline

Continuation fee

Edinburgh Global

You may submit your thesis to the College Office up to 3 months before the end of your Prescribed Period of Study.  If you wish to submit earlier than 3 months you should discuss this with your supervisors.  An Early Submission request must be made to the College Office and they must grant approval.  It is unlikely at an early submission request will be approved without the agreement of your Principle Supervisor. You must submit two soft-bound copies of your thesis (as described above) (three copies if a second external examiner has been appointed) to the College Office (Murchison House, King's Buildings).

College contact page

If the Nomination of Examiners process has finished, the College Office will be able to send your thesis to your examiners within 5 working days.  If the examiners have not been appointed yet, there may be some delay in sending your thesis to the examiners.  It is therefore strongly advised that your viva is not organised until your examiners have officially received a copy of your thesis and the examination paperwork from the College Office.  This benefits you as it gives the examiners suitable time to read and preliminarily examine your thesis before the viva; examiners must complete a report form before your viva.  Please read the Examination Process page for more information.

Nomination of examiners

Examination process

Examiners will normally be expected to read the thesis within three months of receiving it; but candidates should allow for examiners' other commitments. If, because of visa restrictions, overseas candidates must return home promptly at the end of their period in Edinburgh, they and their supervisors must ensure that an allowance is made for this time when submitting the thesis.


Electronic Submission 

Please also read the above information on this page when submitting electronically. 

DataSync – uploading the PDF copy of your thesis for examination

1.         Go to: and follow the instructions under ‘Getting Started’ to activate your DataSync account.

Note: your Active Directory username and password are your MyEd login details.

2.         Upload your thesis as a PDF file by clicking on the + button and then ‘upload’.

3.         Click on the ‘share’ symbol next to the file and a panel will appear on the right hand side. Select the ‘sharing’ tab and then the ‘public links’ tab. Select ‘create public link’.

4.         Password protect the link (please use a unique password for this purpose).

5.         Set an expiry date on the file of one year.

6.         Add to the ‘send link via email’ box. In the ‘add message’ text box, add your name and student number so we can identify your thesis and the password to the link.

7.         Click ‘share’.

For any problems using DataSync, please contact the IS Helpdesk on +44(0)131 651 5151 or use their online enquiry form.



The University takes plagiarism very seriously and is committed to ensuring that so far as possible it is detected and dealt with appropriately.

Plagiarism is the act of including in one’s work the work of another person without providing adequate acknowledgement of having done so, either deliberately or unintentionally. At whatever stage of a student’s course, whether discovered before or after graduation, plagiarism will be investigated and dealt with.

  • Acknowledged all the sources they have used whether they be books, journal articles, any other printed material, or the internet (note that the references to sources on the internet should be as detailed as those for journal citations, including author, title, full url/web address, and the date you accessed that url)
  • Used normal academic conventions such as quotations or indentations to identify direct quotations from others' work
  • Acknowledged the sources if they have summarised or paraphrased someone's work
  • Acknowledged any help they have received in writing their thesis, or gathering data for it, whether this be in an acknowledgement list or at the appropriate points in the thesis. This might include assistance with techniques, external collaborations, provision of substantial materials etc.
  • Acknowledged their colleagues where information used in their thesis has been gathered in conjunction with other workers (such as team-working in laboratories).
  • Students must consult with their supervisors on any issues relating to acknowledging the ideas or work of other people, and ask their supervisors to be mindful of their plagiarism concerns when they are reading thesis drafts.

We strongly recommend you read the following Guidance document:

Plagiarism guidance

Useful links

Postgraduate Assessment Regulations for Research Degrees

Code of Practice for Supervisors and Research Students

Plagiarism prevention and detection - Information Services

College guidance on submitting your thesis - includes examples of lay summaries.