Payment of fees

Information for post graduate students on paying fees.

Tuition fees and other programme related fees

Please take the time to read the University's Tuition Fee Policy, as well as information relating to other administrative fees linked to PGR programmes. 

Please note that programme fees are subject to annual revision and payment is due in full, at the point of matriculation.

The payment of fees is the responsibility of the student and, in the event of a student’s sponsoring authority (if any) failing to make payment, the student will be held personally liable for payment.

UoE tuition fees

PGR Tuition Fee Policy

PGR tuition fees (by year)

Paying tuition fees

PGR fees beyond the tuition fee period (continuing study/matriculation fee)

PGR fees during the post-viva, thesis correction period

Arranging payment of tuition fees

Planning ahead for your submission year

PhD students on a 3 year PhD programme are expected to submit their thesis at the end of their funded period (which most likely to be at the end of 3.5 years).  This includes PhD students registered on:

  • all standard institute led PhD programmes

PhD students registered on a 4 year CDT programmes are expected to submit their thesis at the end of their 4th year of study. This includes PhD students registered on:

  • CDT in BMAI (from Sept 2019) (1+3 programme)
  • CDT in NLP (from Sept 2019) (PhD with Integrated Study)
  • CDT in RAS (from Sept 2019) (PhD with Integrated Study)

Payment of the programme's tuition fees for the associated prescribed period will depend on each individual’s scholarship funding, which is outlined in the EUCLID offer letter.  If the School's scholarship funding covers tuition fees, these will be paid directly to the University by the School. 

If you have any questions about your scholarship funding, please contact the IGS or your CDT Administrator.