Scholarship award information

Scholarship information for applicants with offers made on or after 1 April 2014.

Information for all applicants

  • Applicants in receipt of a PGR offer (in EUCLID) are given 14 days to respond to the offer via the ‘Respond to Offer’ link of their MyEd portal.  
  • This page provides additional advice about studentships, the award of studentships, payment of fees, matriculation etc. 
  • Where an applicant has been selected for a postgraduate studentship award, this information will be included as part of the EUCLID offer.
  • Applicants are asked to read the terms and conditions below (for either a self-funded or funded offer) before using MyEd to confirm acceptance of their study place, scholarship award, and these terms and conditions.

Please contact the Informatics Graduate School if you wish to clarify any funding information prior to accepting your EUCLID offer.  

Information for self-funded applicants

If you have received a self-funded offer please ensure you have read the information and accept the terms below before accepting the offer in EUCLID. 

Information for applicants in receipt of an offer supported by studentship funding

If you have received an offer of admission with a studentship managed by the School of Informatics, please ensure you have read the information and accept the terms of the offer before accepting it in EUCLID. 

UKRI(EPSRC) Phase 3 Funding Extensions for EPSRC DTP/ICASE and CDT students