Stipend Payment Information

Information about stipend payments

Information for PGR students who are to receive studentship stipend payments

There are a few steps involved in getting to the point that a stipend can be paid to a student's UK bank account; these are described in detail below.

Key things to note

  • The IGS is only responsible for submitting the paperwork / payment requests to the Central Finance Support team; they are not responsible for raising a payment in the P&M system and this can only be done by the relevant Central Finance Support team. 
  • During peak times (e.g. September and October) the Central Finance Support team will receive a very large number of payment requests from across the University and so stipend payment processing times may be up to 20 working days from the date the IGS team are able to submit the payment request to the Finance Helpline.  
  • Stipend payments are paid monthly in advance (not arrears) and any change requests (e.g. temporary payment suspensions, payments extensions) must be submitted by the 12th of the month to which the change is to occur.


Once each student has completed the above steps and tasks, the IGS will be able to start the process of requesting and organising the payment of the stipend. This is summarised below.


Stipend payment schedules

A typical payment schedule for a student who commences programme on 01 Sept 2022 is below. 

Note that the monthly stipend payments are paid in advance (not arrears), so a monthly payment made at the end of November (for example) is the stipend payment for the month of December. 

Programme start month Payment schedule Payment date ....for months
September Initial block payment of 3 x monthly stipends.

Variable, depending on the speed at which the central Finance team provide supplier numbers to the IGS, and how quickly they process the one-off payment request. 

However, we would reasonably expect the initial bulk payment to be paid into a student's bank account within 20 working days of the IGS submitting that payment request. 

Sept, Oct and Nov 2022

  Monthly in advance end of November 2022  December 2022
  Monthly in advance end of December 2022 (normally paid early to account for the festive closure period) January 2023
  Monthly in advance end of January 2023 February 2023


Policy on early thesis submission and stipend payments following thesis submission

On occasion, a PGR student might be in a position to submit their thesis for examination a few months before their funding is due to end. In this event, the School follows the UKRI TGC 6.2 on early submission, regardless of the source of stipend funding.