Main changes from old system

The differences between the new and old systems.

Though most of the questions from the old annual review form are a part of the EUCLID form, the new section gives the students the chance to provide feedback on the work they carried out over the year and also report back any concerns or issues they may have.

Previously supervisors were expected to comment on the details of conferences and events that students participated in throughout the year along with any career development activities they may have been involved in.  This is now the responsibility of the students.

  • The process will begin with the student receiving an automated email from EUCLID 4 months from the due date of the annual report with a link directing them to the annual review form. 
  • Once the student completes the relevant section the Principal Supervisor will receive an email notifying them that their student has now completed their section and the form is ready to be completed. 
  • After the principal supervisor completes and submits their section the form is then sent on to the assistant supervisor to review, add any comments and sign off.
  • An email is then generated to the student to notify them that the process is complete and asking them to review the completed supervisor section.  The student then signs off the document.
  • The completed form is then sent to the Postgraduate Director for final sign off

Graduate School staff will continue to monitor the progress of each review and report back to College where relevant.