Open Art Space

Informatics Open Art Space

Open Art Space is a completely free event hosted in the Informatics Forum. Regardless of how much experience you have with any artistic medium, everyone is welcome to take part, we have a large selection of equipment to choose from, including:

  • watercolour paints
  • sketching pencils
  • pastels
  • charcoal
  • art books
  • origami
  • lino cutting
  • a badge maker
  • acrylic paint

Requests for equipment are also welcome but please do not take equipment home!

Along with guided sessions by the hosts, we also plan to post some special activities over the course of the year, this could be a game like exquisite corpse, learning to use specific techniques/mediums or all of us working together on an individual piece. You can get your tickets for the event and take a look at the scheduled dates here, bear in mind that the dates may change!


For more information feel free to contact the organisers: