IGS PhD scholarship funding competition

Applying for funding from the Informatics studentship pot.

Each year the IGS is alloated a budget to fund PhD scholarships - depending on how much is provided, we normally split this into 2 or 3 Informatics Global PhD Scholarships (3.5 year stipend with a £2000 / annum RSTG fund) and a number of standard 3.5 year PhD scholarships. 

We also get allocated a number of EPSRC DTA scholarships from the College, this varies each year but is usually between 6-10 (30% of which can be international flexibility awards). 

PhD supervisors can bid for funding from this IGS budget based on a proposed PhD project (only one application per staff member per year is permitted). Nominations will be considered at the annual PGR Selectors Meetings (usually Feb, March and April each year).

Research grant-funded scholarships

Research scholarships overseas

Nominations for IGS funded PhD Scholarships (including EPSRC DTA)

PGR Selectors will invite PhD supervisors to put forward strong applicants for nomination at the IGS Selectors Meetings. Applicants will be assessed by the Institute selector to ensure they are of appropriate quality. 

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria: 

  • quality of the project (potential academic contribution).
  • how it will enhance research environment in supervisor’s group.
  • amount and source of external contribution (or strength of justification for full funding).
  • quality of the student (if nominated). 

Evaluation will occur at the Institute level with a proportional number of (ranked) applications put forward to IGS who will make the final allocation decisions, taking into account previous and current commitments from the IGS/EPSRC DTA budget to this supervisor from the School.

A 100% School funded PhD studentship provides 3.5 years is of stipend (at UKRI rate) and the School waives the payment of fees via a model 3 PGR fee waiver.  An applicant of any fee status (UK/Home or Overseas) can be nominated for a IGS funded scholarship. 

EPSRC DTA scholarships must be allocated to Home students who meet the UKRI residency requirements for their Home scholarships.  Overseas fee status students can be nominated but we can only allocate 30% of the EPSRC DTA annual allocation to those students. 

Edinburgh Doctoral College Scholarship (ECDS)

The IGS also receives an allocation of a University funded PhD scholarship called the Edinburgh Doctoral Colleg Scholarship (ECDS). The allocation is usually 1 per year.  Applicants must apply for this scholarship directly via the Scholarships Portal via EUCLID.  Applicants who do not apply cannot be nominated for ECDS at the IGS Selectors meetings. 

Edinburgh Doctoral College Scholarship


UPDATED 01/07/2021