Supervisor guidance on answering questions

Specific guidance notes for supervisors on answering questions.

Q 10 - Please enter the date of your meeting with the student

Please give the date the review took place and not the date you completed the form.  If no review took place then please answer non-applicable. 


Q 11 - Please add any additional notes relevant to the annual review

Please cut and paste the written feedback that you gave to the student as the outcome of the formal review (whose date and panel you specify in Q10).  This is so that we include evidence for the answer you gave to Q5. If no such formal review has taken place, then include a paragraph giving justification to your answer to Qu 5 (How would you grade your students overall performance?)

Also, in Q11, please declare the ethics level of the project.  If ethics level is 1 or above then please demonstrate how the work is compliant with the schools ethic policy found below. Please note that if you are completing a 2nd year or subsequent year report and the ethics level has not changed you may use the answer you provided in the previous years report.

Informatics research ethics policy


Please note the information provided in the annual review form will be visible to Academic and Administrative staff on the students EUCLID record. Any information that you don't want to be viewed here should be communicated another way to the relevant people by email or in person.