Workflow for completing form

A summary of the entire annual reporting process workflow.

  • 8 months into the student's year of programme, EUCLID will automatically create an annual review form. Once this has been created, the student is sent an automatically generated email with a link to the form. The student will then complete and submit Section 1.
  • Once the student has submitted Section 1, EUCLID will send an email notification to the student's Principal Supervisor with a link for access to the form. The supervisor completes and submits Section 2.
  • Once the Principal Supervisor has submitted Section 2, EUCLID will send an email notification to the student's Assistant Supervisor(s) with a link for access to the form. The Assistant Supervisor(s) reviews and signs off on Sections 1 and 2.
  • The system will then automatically notify the student that all sections are now complete and they can access and view both completed sections. The student reviews both sections and submits the form. Please note that at any point when the form is under review, should the reviewer disagree with a comment, they may send the form back for additional review. All the roles have this capability at their sign off phase. The Student/Principal Supervisor/Assistant Supervisor(s)/Postgraduate Director can send a form back or sign off.  Should the form be sent back, an automated email is generated to inform all the parties of the form status.
  • Once the student is satisfied and submits the form, an email notification is sent to the Postgraduate Director with a link to the form. Once the Postgraduate Director has reviewed the form and is satisfied, they can sign off on it and the process is complete.


If after a month of the review form being generated the student has not completed their section, they will be sent a reminder email from EUCLID. Likewise, if the supervisor fails to complete their section within a month of receiving the form, they will also be sent an email reminder.  If there is a continued lack of progress with the review form, IGS will periodically send out reminders and if need be refer outstanding cases to the Deputy Director of the Graduate School.