Leave of absence

Leave of absence from your studies and annual leave.

Leave of Absence (LoA)

Definition of a Leave of Absence (LoA)- this is when students are actively engaged in, and progressing with, their studies but are away from the Edinburgh campus e.g. attending a conference within the UK or abroad.  PGR students are required to be resident in Edinburgh, and fully engaged in on campus study, during their Prescribed Period of Study. However, it is possible to request Leaves of Absences (as detailed below). 

Please note that any student without an approved LoA recorded in their EUCLID record will be assumed to be present on campus and contactable/residing at their local term time address.  As such, PGR students are asked to make sure their EUCLID personal contact information and term time address is up to date and correct at all times. 

Please note that access to either the short term LOA webmark form or the annual leave webmark form cannot be granted if you are not on the school network. If you are outside of the school premises then you may need to connect to the relevant VPN to access these forms. 

Stipend payments during internships

Student route visa restrictions

  • Visa restrictions may also apply in the case of international / visa sponsored students; such students should contact the Student Immigration Service for advice and guidance before any LoA request is submitted to the School.
  • Any change to a student's 'location of study' must be notified to the UKVI within 10 days.
  • The student must be working on their research full-time and the primary supervisor must continue to record engagement monitoring points in EUCLID for the duration of the approved LoA. 
  • LoA requests for sponsored students no longer require College approval, unless they fall into Category 3. 

Annual leave / Holiday

Annual leave is the phrase used for holiday periods.  This is when students take a short break from their studies to rest and recuperate, are not engaging in study and may be away from the Edinburgh campus during this time. 

All PGR students are permitted and encouraged to take up to 8 weeks (40 working days) annual leave per academic year (this includes the allowance for four bank holidays recognised by the University - 25/26 Dec and 1/2 Jan).  The student is still a fully-matriculated student at the University of Edinburgh during this time. 

Annual Leave of up to 30 days duration must be agreed by the Principal Supervisor and recorded by the student using the Annual Leave Webmark Form.

For annual leave of more than 30 days in duration, approval of the Deputy Director of IGS is also required. For holiday periods of greater than 30 days duration, follow the request guidelines for Category 2 LoA requests and state on the form that this is for annual leave/holiday. 

NB: As an LoA is specifically linked to an absence where research work is being conducted away from campus, approved annual leave will be documented as a formal "comment" in the Comment/Engagement section of a student's EUCLID record.

Note for CDT students - CDT students who are enrolled on taught courses and who are required to attend lectures, tutorials etc as part of their programme of study, should not be taking holidays during the teaching semesters.   CDT students enrolled on taught courses are expected to take their annual leave/holidays during the non-teaching periods / formal University holiday periods (e.g. Christmas, Easter and summer period). 

UPDATED 24/05/2022