Supervisor training

Becoming a supervisor or renewing your supervisor training.

For those academic members of staff new to the role of supervising PGR students, there is a requirement to complete the following PGR supervisor training:

  • IAD Supervisor Training (required once every 5 years)
  • Data Protection (required) via LEARN
  • IS Essentials  (required) via LEARN
  • Equality & Diversity Essentials  (required) via LEARN    

For offers of admission to be made, the prinicpal supervisor must confirm they have completed the above training. The IGS office tries to keep an up to date log of the training completed by individual PGR supervisors in Informatics, Supervisors are advised that the IGS may ask, during the offer approval process, for confirmation that the required training has been completed. 

PGR supervisors are also encourged to complete other relevant training, including (but not limited to):

  • Challenging Unconscious Bias (optional) via LEARN   
  • Mental health training for staff (via MyED Events) delivered by the Student Disability Service

Those who need to renew their training after 5 years, the IAD regularly delivers a 'Supervisor Briefing’ on behalf of the College. This is offered several times a year, focusing on University regulations, procedures and support available.

The three-hour briefing provides PGR all supervisors with the information and support required for their role as supervisor at the University of Edinburgh. Designed to provide supervisors with information on University expectations, including regulations, procedures and support for their role, the session will also allow for opportunities to reflect on and discuss the process of supervising PhD students, including case studies and strategies for dealing with the challenges.

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