Late coursework & extension requests

The School of Informatics policy on coursework deadlines, which applies across all taught courses.

This guidance should be read in conjunction with the University Assessment Regulations and Special Circumstances Policy:

Assessment Regulations

Special Circumstances Policy

Late submission of Coursework

Importance of submitting by the deadline

Students need to submit assessed course work by the published deadline. In general, you are expected to plan your time well and including contingency time. For example, if you expect a piece of work to take two days, you should begin it more than two days before its deadline.

If you have a good reason to submit late, please request an extension before the assessment deadline.

  • Extensions- where there were circumstances that affected your ability of completing your coursework on time, and where late submissions are allowed, the Extensions and Special Circumstances (ESC) team will consider an extension for coursework submission for up to a maximum of seven calendar days.

You should submit an online form to the ESC team if you wish to apply for an extension and/or you have a Learning Adjustment which allows you to request additional time, the School no longer approves extensions locally.

Submit an extension form

Submit a Learning Adjustment Form

You will need to submit a separate form for each coursework extension.

From February 2021 - applications for extensions will move to an online system, and you will be able to apply via MyEd. You can read more about the new process here.

Note: If you are granted an extension for assessed group work please inform the other members of your group and the Course Organiser so they are aware of the extension.

Late penalties

Late coursework without an authorised extension will be recorded as late and the following penalties will apply:

  • 5 percentage points will be deducted for every calendar day or part thereof it is late, up to a maximum of 7 calendar days. If you have not submitted coursework within these 7 days, a mark of zero will be recorded.  If you are submitting coursework electronically, the last version that has been submitted by the deadline will be the one that is marked (late submission will only be accepted if no submission in time has been made). 
  • Exceptionally for INFR08027 Informatics 2C Introduction to Computer Systems late submissions will score zero marks
  • For the following courses extensions are not permitted and any late submissions score zero:

Accelerated Natural Language Processing (INFR11125) -CW2 and CW4 only

Advanced Vision (INFR11031, INFD11002) - CW1 only (cannot submit CW2 if late) (not delivered 2020/21)

Automatic Speech Recognition (INFR11033) CW1 only 

Compiling Techniques (INFR10065) - CW4 only  (not delivered 2020/21)

Computer Communications and Networks (INFR10074) Quizzes

Data Mining and Exploration (INFR11007) - CW1, CW2, CW3

Discrete Mathematics and Probability (INFR08031)- all coursework

Honours Project (INFR10044) - dissertation

Image and Vision Computing (INFR11140) - CW1

Informatics 1 - Introduction to Computation (INFR08025) - all coursework

Informatics 1 - Object Oriented Programming (INFR08029) - CW1, CW2 and weekly lab submissions only 

Introduction to Databases (INFR10080) - all assessment

Introductory Applied Machine Learning Semester 1 (INFR10069INFR11182) - CW 1 and CW2  (no extensions unless this is specifically permitted by your Schedule of Learning Adjustments). 

Introduction to Practical Programming with Objects (INFR11189, INFD11001) - a maximum 2 day extension on cw1 and cw2 and assessments

Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition (INFR11130) - all assessment 

MInf Project (Part 1) (INFR10051)- dissertation

MInf Project (Part 2) (INFR11093) - dissertation

Natural Computing (INFR11161 and INFD11007) - quizzes

Natural Language Understanding, Generation, and Machine Translation (INFR11157) - CW3 Class Test

Research Methods in Security, Privacy and Trust (INFR11188) - CW1 Class Test

Robotics Science and Systems (INFR11092) -CW3 Pratical Test 

Software Design and Modelling (INFR10064) - fixed date for assessment (not delivered 2020/21)

System Design Project (INFR09032) - Group Work

The Human Factor (INFR11141) - CW1

Note that:

  • Late submissions up to 7 days with an approved extension are not penalised.
  • Late submissions up to 7 days with an approved learning adjustment are not penalised.
  • Late submissions up to 14 days with an approved learning adjustment plus an approved extension are not penalised.

If there are circumstances preventing you from submitting your work within the permitted time, you will need to apply for Special Circumstances.  Please contact your personal tutor or the student support team for more information.