Scholarships for undergraduate students

Information on undergraduate scholarships.

We currently offer scholarships, starting in the first or third year of undergraduate study. You can search for all the awards, prizes and scholarships available to you at:

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Additional prizes and scholarships exclusive to the School of Informatics are listed here:

Informatics scholarships and prizes


How to apply?

For Scholarships and bursaries offered by trusts and foundations please go to the Scholarship and funding pages to apply.

The University Scholarships and Funding Site


How to apply for Company / Industrial Scholarships / Typical Selection and Award Process

The School of Informatics forwards to companies the grades and CVs of students with best INF1A results (for 1st year scholarships)

  • Work placement can be arranged and agreed by the company in discussion with the successful candidates. The School does not get involved in these discussions
  • Once the School has been informed of the successful scholarship candidates, it will arrange payment of scholarship money i.e. up to £1,000 per annum.  Payment for work placements will be made directly by companies

If you would like to be considered for a company scholarship please forward your CV to the ITO at:


Writing a CV

The University's Careers Service provides extensive advice on how to draft a CV.

This link will take you to the Careers Service Applications and CVs web page. Click on Example CVs to download PDF examples.

Advice for 1st year students

Since you have just left school, we do not expect you to have much in the way of paid or unpaid work experience, therefore your CV should be brief and should emphasise; your school leaving grades, your hobbies and interests  and any voluntary work you might have undertaken.

Advice for all students

Do not list hobbies such as; writing Java, programming and computing.  Computing is your day job so you must find something else to do with your evenings.



If you're one of the lucky few selected for interview, here is a preparation check-list:

  • read as much as you can about the company. Informatics Scholarship pages.
  • most scholarship awarding companies will not necessarily offer you a job in IT so consult their careers portfolio and think about what you would like to do.
  • be prepared to answer questions about your degree course e.g. what did you learn, what skills you acquired, what are the most enjoyable aspects, which bits you excel at, which bits you dislike.
  • make a list of transferable skills you think you acquired during your programme of study e.g. a good head for figures, team work, planning. Don't forget to mention your IT skills.
  • if asked about course content, please, don't launch into technical jargon, unless you are asked to do so by people with specialist knowledge.
  • read your e-mail regularly. If you are out of regular e-mail contact use a standard reply (vacation message) to inform people that you are unable to read their messages and to give alternative contact details (e.g. mobile phone). Use the signature facility to provide contact details on all your e-mail correspondence. 
  • if invited for an interview, use any means at your disposal to remind you of the time and date. Put that mobile phone to good use and get it to send you a reminder.
  • dress smartly. A smarter version of the 'casual' look works (e.g. a nicer shirt and a pair of trousers, rather than jeans). There is no need for suit and tie.