Timetable changes 2017/18

This page includes details of the changes made in preparation for 2017/18, in comparison to the 2016/17 course timetable.

Informatics Code Course Title Sem Proposed 2017/18 Lecture Time Explanation of Change
ABS Agent Based Systems SEM2 - Not running 2017/18
AD Applied Databases SEM2 - Not running 2017/18
APL Advances in Programming Languages SEM1 - Not running 2017/18
AR Automated Reasoning SEM1 TBC May not run 2017/18
BIO1 Bioinformatics 1 SEM1 Friday 13.10 - 15.00 Lecture moved from 14.10-16.00 due to room constraints
BDL Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers SEM1 Monday 14.10 - 16.00 New course
CDI1 Case Studies in Design Informatics 1 SEM1 Monday/Wednesday 15.10-16.00 Moved from Mon/Thurs to Mon/Weds due to clash with new ECA course
CDI2 Case Studies in Design Informatics 2 SEM1 Monday/Wednesday 15.10-16.00 Moved from Mon/Thurs to Mon/Weds due to clash with new ECA course
CCN Computational Cognitive Neuroscience SEM1 Monday/Thursday 11.10 - 12.00 Moved to Semester 1 for 2017/18 only
CMC Computational Complexity SEM2 Tuesday / Thursday 10.00-10.50 Course returns for 2017/18 (last taught 1516)
CN Computer Networking SEM2 Tuesday 14.10 - 16.00 Moved from Tues/Fri 15.10-16.00
COMN Computer Communications and Networks SEM1 Tues 16.10-17.00 / Fri 15.10-17.00 Moved from Tues/Fri 14.10-15.00 and from SEM2 to SEM1 (for 1718 only)
CS Computer Security SEM1 Monday 12.10-13.00 Moved from Mon 10.00-10.50 to 12.10-13.00 due to room constraints
DBS Database Systems SEM1 Monday/Thursday/Friday 11.10 - 12.00 Mon/Thurs moved from 13.10-14.00 to 11.10-12.00
DMMR Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Reasoninb SEM1 Mon 16.10-17.00 / Tues 10.00-10.50 / Thurs 16.10-17.00 Weds lecture moved from 11.10-12.00 to Tues 10.00-10.50 due to room constraints
DMR Decision Making in Robotics and Autonomous Systems SEM2 Tuesday/Friday 11.10-12.00 Last delivered in 2015/16
DS Distributed Systems SEM2 Tuesday 11.10-13.00 Moved to Semester 2 for 2017/18 only
EPL Elements for Programming Languages SEM1 Monday/Thursday 15.10-16.00 Lectures moved from Tues/Fri 14.10-15.00 to Mon/Thurs 15.10-16.00
ES Embedded Systems SEM2 - Not running 2017/18
IJP Introduction to Java Programming SEM1 Tuesday 15.10-16.00 (Week 2 and 8 only) Lecture weeks moved from 1+9 to 2+8
INF2A Informatics 2A - Processing Formal & Natural Languages SEM1 Mon 15.10-16.00 / Tues 16.10-17.00 / Fri 16.10-17.00 Moved lecture slot from Thurs 17.10-18.00 to Mon 15.10-16.00
IoTSSC Internet of Things Systems, Security and the Cloud SEM2 Wednesday 09.00-10.50 New course
IPP Informatics Project Proposal SEM2 Wednesday 14.10-15.00 (Week 2 only) Replaces Informatics Research Proposal (IRP)
IRP Informatics Research Proposal SEM2 - Replaced by Informatics Project Proposal (IPP)
IVC Image and Vision Computing SEM1 Wednesday 12.10-13.00 New course
MLPR Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition SEM1 Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 12.10-13.00 Moved lectures from Tues/Weds/Fri 10.00-10.50 due to clash with IMC
MT Machine Translation SEM2 TBC May not run 2017/18
NLU Natural Language Understanding SEM2 Tuesday/Friday 15.10-16.00 Moved from Tues/Fri 11.10-12.00 to 16.10-17.00
PDIoT Principles and Design of IoT Systems SEM1 Tuesday / Friday 10.00 - 10.50 New course
PM Performance Modelling SEM1 Monday/Thursday 10.00-10.50 Course moved back from Semester 2 to Semester 1
RLSC Robot Learning and Sensorimotor Control SEM2 Monday/Thursday 10.00-12.00 Changed from 10 to 20 credits and extended lectures by one hour
SDM Software Design and Modelling SEM1 - Not running 2017/18
SDMS Scalable Data Management Systems SEM2 - Not running 2017/18
SDP System Design Project SEM2 Wednesday 11.10 - 12.00 Friday lecture replaced additional Wednesday lectures
SP Secure Programming SEM2 Monday/Thursday 11.10 - 12.00 Moved lectures from Tues/Fri
SWS Semantic Web Systems SEM2 - Not running 2017/18
THF The Human Factor: Working with Users SEM2 Wednesday 11.10 - 13.00 New course
TNLP Topics in Natural Language Processing SEM2 Mon/Thurs 11.10-12.00 and Fri 14.10-15.00 Moved lectures from Tues/Weds/Fri 13.10-14.00
TSPL Types and Semantics for Programming Languages SEM1 Mon/Thurs/Fri 10.00-10.50 Additional lecture added on Fridays to allow flexibility due to staff absences during Semester
TTDS Text Technologies for Data Science SEM1 Tuesday 14.10 - 16.30 New course for 2017/18. Note the different lecture venue for Week 1 only.