Timetable changes 2018/19

This page includes details of the changes made in preparation for 2018/19, in comparison to the 2017/18 course timetable.

Informatics Code Course Title Sem Proposed 2018/19 Lecture Time Explanation of Change
INFR11101 / APL Advances in Programming Languages SEM1 Monday / Thursday 4pm Course did not run in 2017/18 (alternate years)
INFR11156 / AFDS

Algorithmic Foundations of Data Science

SEM1 Tuesday / Thursday 2pm New course for 2018/19

Artificial Intelligence, Present and Future

SEM2 TBC New course for 2018/19
INFR09042 / AR

Automated Reasoning

SEM1 Tuesday / Thursday 2pm Moved from 3pm to 2pm
INFR11160 / BIO1 Bioinformatics 1 SEM1 Friday 2pm Moved from 1pm to 2pm
INFR11005 / BIO2 Bioinformatics 2 SEM2 Wednesday 12noon Moved from 11am to 12noon
INFR09009/CAR Computer Architecture SEM2 N/A Not running 2018/19
INFR11021 / CG Computer Graphics SEM1 Tuesday / Friday 11am Not running 2018/19
INFR11036 / CCN Computational Cognitive Neuroscience SEM2 Monday / Thursday 11am Course backed from Semester 1 to Semester 2
INFR10054 / CCS

Computational Cognitive Science

SEM1 Tuesday / Thursday 2pm Friday lecture moved to Thursday
INFR10074 / COMN Computer Communications and Networks SEM2 Tuesday/Wednesday 3.30pm Course moved from Semester 1 to Semester 2
INFR11102 / CMC Computational Complexity SEM2 Tuesday / Thursday 11am Course moved from Sem1 to Sem2
INFR09046 / CD Computer Design SEM1 Mon/Thurs 12noon, Fri 2pm Friday lecture moved from 3pm to 2pm
INFR11049 / CN Computer Networking SEM2 N/A Not running 2018/19

INFR08022 / CP

Computer Programming Skills and Concepts

SEM1 Mon / Tues / Thurs 2pm Tues lecture moved from 11am & third lecture scheduled for Thurs

INFR10067 / CS

Computer Security

SEM2 Mon / Weds / Fri 11am Course moved from Sem1 to Sem2

INFR11090 / DMMR

Decision Making in Robots and Autonomous Agents

SEM2 Friday 11am Monday 11am lecture removed & Friday lecture increased to 2hrs
INFR11022 / DS Distributed Systems SEM2 Tuesday 11am Not running 2018/19

INFR11088 / EXC

Extreme Computing SEM1 Monday / Tuesday 10am Moved from Monday / Thursday 5pm

INFR11017 / HCI

Human-Computer Interaction

SEM1 Tuesday 11am Moved from Monday/Thursday 11am to 2hr lecture on Tuesday
INFR09051 / ILP

Informatics Large Practical

SEM1 Wednesday / Friday 12noon New course for 2018/19 - replaced AILP, CSLP, SELP

INFR11131/ IMC

Introduction to Modern Cryptography

SEM2 Tuesday 2pm Moved from Semester 1 to Semester 2

INFR11138 / IRDS

Introduction to Research in Data Science SEM1 Monday / Thursday 2pm Lectures moved from 4pm to 2pm

INFR08015 / INF1-DA

Informatics 1 - Data and Analysis SEM2 Tuesday 11am / Thursday 9am Moved Friday 2pm lecture to Thursday due to lecture theatre constraints
INFR08025 /  INF1A

Informatics 1 - Introduction to Computation

SEM1 Monday 2pm, Tues/Thurs 11am, Friday 2pm New course for 2018/19 - replaced INF1-FP & INF1-CL

INFR08014 / INF1-OP

Informatics 1 - Object-Oriented Programming

SEM2 Tuesday 10am /  Wednesday 12noon Added second lecture on Tuesday and moved Monday lecture to Wednesday

INFR08008 / INF2A

Informatics 2A - Processing Formal and Natural Languages

SEM1 Monday 3pm, Weds / Fri 2pm Moved Tuesday 4pm lecture to Weds 2pm & Friday 4pm to 2pm

INFR11146 / IoTSSC

Internet of Things Systems, Security, and the Cloud (IoTSSC)

SEM2 Wednesday 10am Lecture moved from 9am

INFR11147 / IPP

Informatics Project Proposal

SEM2 Wednesday 2pm Moving from one off lecture to weekly - exact weeks TBC

INFR11099 / IQC

Introduction to Quantum Computing

SEM1 Tuesday / Thursday 11am Monday 11am lecture moved to Tuesday

INFR11136 / IRR

Informatics Research Review

SEM1 Wednesday 2pm Moving from one off lecture to weekly - exact weeks TBC

INFR11140 / IVC

Image and Vision Computing

SEM1 Wednesday 10am Moved from 12noon to 10am
INFR11132 / MLP Machine Learning Practical YR Tuesday 3pm Moved Wednesday 11am lecture due to lecture theatre constraints

INFR11161 / NAT

Natural Computing

SEM1 Wednesday 11am New course for 2018/19

INFR11035 / NIP

Neural Information Processing

SEM2 Wednesday / Friday 11am Moved from Monday / Thursday 9am

INFR11157 / NLU+

Natural Language Understanding, Generation, and Machine Translation

SEM2 Monday / Tuesday / Thursday 4pm New course for 2018/19 - replaces MT and NLU
INFR09047 / OS Operating Systems SEM2 Monday / Thursday 10am Moved from 9am to 10am
INFR11024 / PA Parallel Architectures SEM2 Tuesday / Friday 10am Not running 2018/19

INFR11134 / PMR

Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning

SEM2 Monday / Tuesday / Friday 3pm Moved from Tues/Weds/Fri 9am

INFR11010 / RL

Reinforcement Learning

SEM2 Tuesday / Friday 2pm Moved from 12noon
INFR10064 / SDM Software Design and Modelling SEM1 Tuesday / Friday 5pm Moved from 4pm

INFR11141 / THF

The Human Factor: Working with Users

SEM2 Tuesday/Wednesday 9am Moved from Wednesday 11am-1pm

INFR11114 / TSPL

Types and Semantics for Programming Languages

SEM1 Monday / Wednesday / Friday 9am Moved from Mon / Thurs / Fri 10am

INFR11145 / TTDS

Text Technologies for Data Science

YR Wednesday 2pm, Full Year Moved from Tuesday 2pm, Semester 1

INFR11158 / USec

Usable Security and Privacy

SEM2 Monday / Friday 12noon New course for 2018/19