Appleton Tower

This page contains information on accessing and using the Appleton Tower for Informatics students

Why visit?

You are likely to have classes scheduled to take place in Appleton Tower and you may also need to visit the building to access the Informatics Teaching Office (ITO) if you have pre-booked an appointment. The ITO also remains somewhere you can always go to with an urgent or emergency matter without an appointment.

Accessing and moving around Appleton Tower

The building doors are open from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm Monday to Friday with no access to students out with these times. The entrance to Appleton Tower is located on Crichton Street to the West of the building and there will be a queuing system in operation. Please follow the signs to the appropriate queue which will depend on what level of the building you need to access. Queue stewards will be present to help guide you. The West staircase is designated as up only and the East staircase is down only. The exit to the building is located on Chapel Street which is to the East of the building.

You can view the following video clip to get a sense of how the building is set up