Informatics Forum

This page contains information on accessing and using the Informatics Forum for Informatics students.

Why visit?

You might visit this building to meet with your Personal Tutor, or to attend a class if it is scheduled to take place in G.07

Accessing and moving around the Forum

If you are meeting a member of staff in the building please report to the building reception as you would normally when entering the Forum, which is located on Crichton Street. The building is accessible for appointments between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday. When you arrive, you will be asked to sign into the building by scanning a QR code. Once in the building, please follow the one-way system and signage. To exit the building please leave by the Charles street lane door, this is signposted from the main atrium area on the ground floor, and will take you out opposite the Student’s Association building next to the Gift Shop. When you leave, please remember to sign out again. You can view the following clip to see where the exit is located:

If you are coming to attend a class that is scheduled to take place in room G.07, the entrance to this room is via an external door to the West side of the building on Charles Street Lane. Please follow the signs in place which will ask you to queue outside the door keeping 2m distance from others. When the class is ready to start, the tutor or lecturer taking it will let you into the room. You will also exit the room by this door at the end of your class. If the weather is cold or damp, please remember to bring a coat to wear whilst you queue!

You can view the following video clip to get a sense of how the Forum is set up