Personal Tutoring information

PT statement, forms, Senior Tutor briefing, Tier 4, special circumstances and other relevant information.

Resources for Personal Tutors

Information and advice for Personal Tutors and their tutees: counselling, careers, Euclid, and more.

Personal Tutor forms & documents

A list of forms required for the Personal Tutor role.

Personal Tutoring Statement - staff supplement

What is required of a staff member in the Personal Tutor role.

Guidance for Student Course Change Requests

Students may change their mind after their initial course choices. The following guidance is provided so that appropriate action can be taken depending on the timing and nature of the request.

Concessions, programme changes and interruptions

Minor and major changes to programmes of study (including extra and class-only courses), repeat years, interruptions.

Withdrawal & exclusion procedures

Guidance for Personal Tutors on the University withdrawal and exclusion procedures and topics associated with these procedures.

Start of year briefing by Senior Tutor (secured)

Slides and recordings from Senior Tutor briefing for new and continuing Personal Tutors on 3rd September 2021

Students on a Tier 4 visa

Information for Personal Tutors about Tier 4 visa students.

Students studying abroad

Information for Personal Tutors about students taking, having taken, or considering the option to study abroad.

Special circumstances

Links to guidance on Special Circumstances