Students studying abroad

Information for Personal Tutors about students taking, having taken, or considering the option to study abroad.

Actions for Personal Tutors of students currently studying abroad

Confirming attendance

You are still required to confirm attendance for students on exchange.  Please only do so after you have received communication from the student that they have arrived at the partner institution.  If this is not possible by the end of Week 2 due to the late start of academic term of the host university, please add a note for record on EUCLID, but hold off confirming attendance until you confirm the arrival.

Confirming course enrollment status

Please make sure, in Week 2 or 3 of Semester , that the student's course enrollment record for Year 3 has been properly updated in EUCLID so that it indicates "Non-compulsory year abroad (full year) - level 10". Note that the record will not be updated promptly by Week 1 or 2 due to the work required in the Student Systems office. If the record has not been updated by the end of Week 2 and it still shows some usual course names, please contact the Informatics Exchange Coordinator, Don Sannella.

Engagement monitoring

In addition to the attendance confirmation in September, please confirm continued engagement in the first week of  every month between October and June. Confirmation can be done via email or online call. Please add discussion note or email to EUCLID event record.

Guidance for Personal Tutors of Year-4 students who returned from studying abroad

Progression decision

Progression decisions are made at the CSE Study Abroad Progression Board, which is normally held in the first week in September, and the outcome is soon sent to the ITO and the Student Systems. It will, however, take several weeks for the information to appear on EUCLID.

Course choices for Year 4

Students who take a year abroad for Year 3 are exempted from the requirements of that year. For example, when CS or AI students go abroad in Year 3, we do not make them do the System Design Project when they come back. The student does not need a concession for this, it is covered by the provisions of the Non-compulsory year abroad.

Guidance for Personal Tutors of Year-1/Year-2 students who are considering studying abroad for Year 3

Please advise them to visit the School's study-abroad information page for students at first, and FAQ page.

Applications for studying abroad in 2023/2024 will be open between 1 November and 15 November 2022 (12 noon, GMT). A guidance meeting for Informatics students will be held in Appleton Tower LT1 at 4pm on 26 October 2022.

Especially for UG1 tutees, please let them be aware that course grades for Year 1 are considered in the selection process, and those for Year 2 are NOT.

The following show typical questions from students and contact person/link in the square brackets.

  • What pros/cons are there for studying abroad? Should I consider studying abroad?  \(\rightarrow\) [FAQ page, Exchange Coordinator]
  • Is my academic grade strong enough to get a place?  \(\rightarrow\)[FAQ page, Exchange Coordinator]
  • Which universities did our previous exchange students go, and what courses did they take?   \(\rightarrow\)[FAQ page, Exchange Coordinator]
  • I'd like to talk to previous/current exchange students. How is that possible?   \(\rightarrow\) [Exchange Coordinator] (we have a Slack page for this)
  • Which universities should I consider? Which universities will suit my degree programme? \(\rightarrow\) [FAQ page, Exchange Coordinator]
  • Which courses should I take (once a host university is identified)? \(\rightarrow\) [FAQ page, Exchange Coordinator]