Withdrawal & exclusion procedures

Guidance for Personal Tutors on the University withdrawal and exclusion procedures and topics associated with these procedures.

Voluntary withdrawal

Sometimes a student decides to withdraw from studies before completion, this page provides a summary guide of the University undergraduate withdrawal process. 

Please ensure you have read the University withdrawal procedure.

Student actions:

Any student considering withdrawal from studies is encouraged to discuss this further with their Personal Tutor (PT).  Overseas students are encouraged to check their visa and immigration status with Edinburgh Global before formally committing to an early withdrawal. Departing students should be aware that the University will pursue any unpaid debts, even after the agreed withdrawal date.  Following discussion with the Personal Tutor, if the student and PT have agreed this is the preferred route to pursue, the student should complete the Withdrawal from Studies - Student Withdrawal Form.

This form may be filled in electronically by the student, provided that they send it to you from their University email account. Otherwise, they should fill in and sign a paper form -- make sure they keep a copy.

Withdrawing students must return any locker keys to the ITO and any equipment they have borrowed.

Personal Tutor actions:

When the Personal Tutor has received the (preferably electronic) completed Student Withdrawal Form from the Student, the PT should keep a copy of the completed form for their own records and forward the original to the Student Support team. They will update their student records, upload the document to the student's record on Euclid and will send a copy of the completed Student Withdrawal Form to the College Office.  

The PT must also complete the 'Request a Change to Programme Details' form which can be found via the student's EUCLID record, in the `Actions' button of the 'Programme' tab.  Please ensure you 'cc' the form to the Student Support team: inf-sst@inf.ed.ac.uk.  Please note, voluntary withdrawals do not require College Authorisation.

Once Student Systems have processed the Change Request, the student will no longer be a member of the University.


If a student has persistently and wilfully not attended (as defined under the attendance monitoring procedures) or not completed the required academic work it is necessary that they be formally excluded from their programme of study, and therefore, the University.

Please read the University non-attendance procedures

Personal Tutor actions:

Please alert the ITO via ito@inf.ed.ac.uk if you suspect that one of your tutees is not participating in their programme, this may become apparent from lack of tutorial attendance or a succession of non-submissions on coursework. 

Once the School has established that the student is not participating, the student must be referred to the College Academic Affairs Officer immediately. 

The student will be formally notified by the College Office of the exclusion process and the student must respond within 10 working days.  If a response is not received by the College Office, the College Office will continue to proceed with permanently excluding the student from their programme studies.  If the student is an International Student the UKBA will be notified of their exclusion; the student is strongly advised to contact the Edinburgh Global regarding their visa and immigration status.


 Further information can be found on the College Office webpage