Before you get here

A list of resources to get ready for your courses with basic knowledge in Mathematics and Computer Science.


Probably you realised when choosing your degree, that all the Undergraduate degrees in the School of Informatics have a large amount of mathematics both in the first year and throughout the degree programme.

Mathematics syllabus differ widely. For example, you may have done A-level Mathematics but the syllabus is different internationally and some students will have done Further Maths as well. Others of you may have studied Advanced Higher Mathematics but not completed all units. As a result, there may be gaps in your knowledge.

To help you prepare, here are some links to useful resources before the first semester which are all aimed at sixth-form/pre-university level. If you didn’t do some of these topics, didn’t really understand them or have simply forgotten them, you would find these resources valuable preparation for university level mathematics.



Set theory


Introduction to functions:

Composition of functions:

Inverse of functions:


Good explanations of mathematical induction:

Computer Science

 Here are some good little books for short introductions to Computer Science, AI and Big Data:

and some TED videos as an introduction to Cognitive Science:

Some Information for new students

Each Informatics student is assigned a personal tutor to support their learning and are supported by the Student Support Team and a student helpdesk called InfBase. There is a guide for new students in Informatics where you can find useful facts.

Once semester has started you will find InfPals a great source of help for the first year. This is peer-assisted learning to support your studies.

  • More about InfPals

Also, look out for the Programming Club which meets every week for a fun activity in programming:

The University also provides a website with lots of useful information: