School travel fund

The School of Informatics has made funds available to support its students’ travel to attend activities related to their programme of study.

A School of Informatics committee with staff and student membership will decide on awards. Claims for payment must be supported by receipts.  Destinations have maximum eligible awards.

Travel within:

  • UK: £100

  • Europe: £250

  • Rest of the world: £500

Applications should outline the purpose of the trip and where possible the impact that can be evidenced on the wider student community or the prestige of the event. Applications that benefit solely the individual travelling will be ranked against those where the School or cohort will benefit. Likewise events that have a barrier to entry will be reviewed more favourably than those that any individual could choose to attend. Total claim can include travel and accommodation however not subsistence costs. Please can and be at descriptive in your application. The panel can only review submitted information, it will not seek clarification from applicants to provide further supporting data.

The committee retains the right to make partial awards that may cover only travel or accommodation and not both to maximise the fund to support the most number of students. The committee may choose to partially support more than one student partially rather than fully fund one trip. Where appropriate, the committee may choose to allow for funds to be distributed to any costs associated with attending an event, e.g. Registration fee.

Students should not financially commit to an event in the assumption that any or all of the costs will be reimbursed by this fund.

Events that are scheduled during the semester that require students missing scheduled events are unlikely to be supported.

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