Informatics buildings

These pages contain information for students about accessing and using Informatics buildings in the academic year 2020/21. The information includes Covid-19 safety measures.

For detailed information about Appleton Tower and Informatics Forum, please use the links below.

Appleton Tower

Informatics Forum

General information

Study spaces

There is currently no study space available in either of the Informatics buildings, however, we are currently working with the School’s Facilities team to make some available from October. We will communicate with you further once these spaces are ready. Alternative study spaces are available across campus and you can view more information on how to access them below

Libraries and study spaces

Fire Safety and First Aid

There might not be a regular first aid presence on-site and University Security will be the constant form of first aid support. For minor injuries call University Security via 0131 650 2257 if assistance is needed (or 2222 from any University internal phone). If the accident is more serious and an ambulance is needed phone 999 (9999 from a University internal phone), then inform Security by phoning 0131 650 2257 (or 2222 from any University internal phone).

In the event of a fire alarm please make your way to the nearest exit by the quickest possible route, ignoring the one-way system, and leave the building. Please remain outside the building until such time as otherwise indicated.

Do not return to the building until you are told it is safe to do so by Security, the Fire Brigade, or the Fire Assembly Coordinator.

If you require assistance to leave the building, then a risk assessment is required before you return to campus determine whether the appropriate support will be available. Please email Informatics Facilities Team if this applies to you. All efforts will be made to ensure you have the appropriate support in place.

E-mail Facilities

The emergency evacuation alarm will be tested weekly on Wednesdays at 11:00 am (Appleton Tower) and Thursdays at 11:30 am (Forum).


Lifts are in use in both buildings but can only carry 1 person at a time. Lifts are priority use for those with accessibility or disability issues. Please remember that not all disabilities can be seen so if someone asks to use the lift ahead of you, please allow this. Where possible, use the stairs and avoid taking the lifts.

Accessibility issues

If you require further support to access the building please contact Informatics Facilities Team so that suitable arrangements can be made.

E-mail Facilities

Appleton Tower

This page contains information on accessing and using the Appleton Tower for Informatics students

Informatics Forum

This page contains information on accessing and using the Informatics Forum for Informatics students.