Personal Tutors

Why you need one and what they do?

Why do I need a Personal Tutor?

Every student has a Personal Tutor (PT), a member of teaching staff who provides academic guidance and support.  You can contact your PT by email or telephone, or stop by their office. You can also arrange a face-to-face meeting.

When do I get a Personal Tutor?

You will be allocated a personal tutor at the start of each year.

What do they do?

Your Personal Tutor will, among other things:

  •  Advise you on course choices;
  •  Review with you how you performed in your studies;
  •  Help register you for courses;
  •  Give you support if unforeseen events or outside circumstances affect your ability to study;
  •  Write you references for jobs, internships and further study.


Personal Tutor meetings

You have a 1:1 meeting at the start of every semester. You will also meet other tutees as part of a group meeting later in the year.