Special circumstances

Information about the special circumstances process

We are committed to supporting you during your studies. If there is a situation beyond your control that you feel may have an adverse impact on your academic performance, you can apply for special circumstances.

Before applying, you should discuss your situation with your Personal Tutor (PT) and Student Support Team.  We will be able to advise you on your individual situation, help you access additional support if necessary,  and guide you through the process of submitting your application.

To apply for special circumstances, you will need to apply via the Support Asessment Tool assessment-support.is.ed.ac.uk

The deadline for applying is one week following your last assessment of the semester.

You can find more information on special circumstances procedures on the University’s webpage.

Special circumstances

The University’s policy on Special Circumstances is linked from the procedure page mentioned above. It is important to note the following:

  • Section 2 of the policy lists what constitutes a special circumstance. If you are unsure, you can check with the Student Support team;
  • Please see section 6 of the special circumstances policy for more information on the evidence requirements and which kinds of evidence hold greater weight;
  • There are a limited number of actions that the special circumstances committee can recommend. These are outlined in sections 10 and 11 of the special circumstances policy.