Student issues relating to dignity and respect

The University has a strong and long-standing commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and to promoting a positive culture which celebrates difference, challenges prejudice and ensures fairness.

Dignity and respect issues are regulated by the University policies. The University has a zero-tolerance stance towards any form of bullying and harassment.  you should speak to your PT in the first place, and copy your message to the student support team. You may also contact the EUSA Advice place directly. 

University policies relating to dignity and respect

Respect at Edinburgh

Code of Student Conduct

Personal Tutors

Contact the Student Support Team

The Advice Place

For any issues related to equality, diversity and inclusion in general, you are welcome to get in touch with a  relevant representative on the School of Informatics EDI Committee and/or Vijay Nagarajan, the director of EDI committee

Members of the EDI committee