Taught MSc contacts

Contact information for Taught MSc students.

Who to contact?

Please spend a moment to identify the best person to contact. If you are unsure, please contact the ITO. Contacts for MSc Programme Directors and Student Representatives for 2022/23 TBC

Information on.. First point of contact...
Overall Co-Ordination of Masters Programmes Year Organiser, Iain Murray 
Programme Director - MSc (Artificial Intelligence) Iain Murray 
Programme Director - MSc (Design Informatics /Advanced Design Informatics) Maria Wolters
Programme Director - MSc (Cognitive Science) Frank Mollica
Programme Director - MSc (Computer Science) Antonio Barbalace 
Programme Director - MSc (Cyber Security, Privacy & Trust) Myrto Arapinis
Programme Director - MSc (Data Science) Paolo Guagliardo
Programme Director - MSc Advanced Technology for Financial Computing Tiejun Ma
Cohort Lead - MSc (Artificial Intelligence) Nigel Goddard and Oisin Mac Aodha
Cohort Lead - MSc (Design Informatics /Advanced Design Informatics) John Vines and Maria Wolters
Cohort Lead - MSc (Cognitive Science) Angus Chadwick
Cohort Lead - MSc (Computer Science) Chris Lu and Don Sannella
Cohort Lead - MSc (Cyber Security, Privacy & Trust) Myrto Arapinis
Cohort Lead - MSc (Data Science) Paolo Guagliardo and Amir Shaikhha
Cohort Lead - MSc Advanced Technology for Financial Computing Felipe Costa Sperb and Tiejun Ma
Choice of courses Online material. If necessary, discuss with your Student Adviser or relevant Cohort Lead.
Specific Courses Course Lecturer(s), tutor, TA, or lab demonstrator. See the Sortable List of Courses 
Extension Requests See the School policy
Personal problems or guidance Your Student Adviser, assigned before your arrival for Year 2022/23. Also, the Advice Place offer independent advice on academic and personal issues.
Project and Dissertation MSc Projects Co-Ordinator: Christopher Lucas 
Teaching Administration and Course Related Enquiries Informatics Teaching Organisation (ITO)
Computing Support Informatics Computing Support Contact Form
Feedback Course surveys and Student Reps
Student Support Team inf-sst@inf.ed.ac.uk



Student Advisers (SAs)

Your Student Adviser (SA) will be assigned on arrival, and should be listed in MyEd in addition to the Programme Director / Year Organiser .

Student Advisers and Cohort Leads are your first point of contact with academics in the School. You can talk over your course choices and career plans with them. In addition, some students will need to contact their Student Advisers later in the year.

It is extremely important that you contact your SA or the Student Support Team to report any difficulties that have affected your study as they occur, and prior to the appropriate Board of Examiners meeting (at the end of each exam period and after project submission).

They will advise in confidence on what support we can offer, and makes sure that any appropriate measures are put in place in time for the Board of Examiners meetings.

Information submitted after the completion of the Board of Examiners process can only be considered via a formal appeal. Appeals require good reason for not submitting special circumstances earlier, and even when successful can result in lengthy delays.  

Class representatives

For each year of study in Informatics there are up to four class reps. These are students are chosen at the beginning of the year and usually represent a diverse mix of student programmes, such as different degrees or single/combined honours study.

If you have an issue or concern about the organization or content of your year (including issues with specific courses that you don't feel comfortable approaching the lecturer about directly), then you can contact a class rep who can raise the issue with the relevant teaching staff or ITO.

Class reps participate in regular Staff-Student Rep (SSR) meetings with the Director and Deputy Director of Teaching throughout semester.

Informatics staff and student representative meeting

They are also part of the Staff-Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) for the year, which meets with the Year Organiser.

If you have a question or suggestion which goes beyond an individual course, affects the whole year, or which has not been addressed by your course rep or lecturer, then please contact the class reps for at: msc-reps@inf.ed.ac.uk

You can find more information on Student Representatives here.Information to be updated for 2022/23 in Semester 1 2022/23

Class Reps for the new academic year still have to be chosen. Once this year's Class Reps have been selected you will find a list of names on the link above. Class Reps for 2022/23 TBC


If you are aware of (or suspect that you may suffer from) any disability that may impact your study, you should contact the Student Disability Service in order to be assessed by the relevant University panel. It is also advisable to inform the Year Organiser at the start of the course. Assessment takes some time, so you should notify us as soon as possible.


If you have an issue with a specific course, please raise this directly with the course lecturer. We welcome suggestions and constructive comments. If you feel unable to contact the lecturer directly, talk to one of the year reps or the Year Organiser. They will anonymously forward your feedback. At the end of each Semester, please complete the survey for each course you took.

We aim to give you feedback promptly on all of your submitted work. For larger courses, marking everyone's assignments can take time. However, each lecturer should make it clear when you expect to get your work back. If there are problems with getting the feedback you need, please contact the Year Organiser (optionally through the year reps) without delay.