Computer laboratories

Information on the Computing labs at Informatics.

Appleton Tower labs

This is a list of rooms hosting DICE computing facilities for Informatics students.  These are available to all Informatics students from 08:30am - 20:30 a day, with swipe card access required to Appleton Tower and some of the rooms within the building.

As well as desktop machines and flipdesks, there are a number of network ports for connecting laptops.

Some of these rooms are regularly used for teaching classes; the University's 'Web timetables' shows which rooms are available when:

If you encounter any problem with a DICE machine, please report this using the Computing Support Form.

To book rooms, please see the below link:

Location Machines Additional information
Level 3
3.01 20 Robotics Lab
3.03   Practical Lab
3.05 8 Tutorial Lab
3.09 40 Computer Lab
3.11 4 Open to students on robotics courses only, except during scheduled class bookings.
Level 4
4.05 8 Tutorial Room
4.07 8 Tutorial Room
4.09 8 Tutorial Room
4.12 36 Computer Lab
4.14A 8 Tutorial Room
4.14 8 Tutorial Room
Level 5
5.01   Tutorial Room
5.02 8 Tutorial Room
5.03 8 Tutorial Room
5.04 28 North Computer Lab
5.05 52 West Computer Lab
5.07 8 Tutorial Room
5.08 20 South Computer Lab
Level 6
6.06 84 Computer Lab
Level 7
7.01 8 Practical Lab
7.02   Tutorial Room
7.03   Tutorial Room
7.14   Tutorial Room

Computing Support links

Computing Support FAQ

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