Year 4 student handbook

Welcome week induction, course information, assessment, support and contacts.

Welcome to the year 4 student handbook.

These Pages Are Under Review

Please note that ITO pages are currently under review to reflect recent changes to the student support model. We will be working on updating and reviewing this content until the start of the semester in September 2022. Please bear with us and do not be alarmed if you find any content missing - it is probably unpublished while reviewed.

If you are a first-year undergraduate student in the School of Informatics please use the link below to access relevant information.

Link to information for new UG1 on the new taught students' website

If you are a continuing student you might find that some of the information in your handbook is outdated. We are migrating this content to the new page gradually as well.

Link to information for all students on the new taught students' website

We appreciate your patience.


In addition to the information below, you are expected to be familiar with the University's regulations, in particular:

Welcome to year 4

Year 4 welcome timetable.

Useful information

Useful information for 4th year students.

Course information

Choosing, changing and registering courses, lecture and examination timetables and past exam papers.


Information on how you are assessed in 4th year.

Supporting your studies

Student reps, SSLC meetings, feedback, facilities and tier 4 information.

Year 4 contacts

4th year contact information.