The Informatics feedback pledge and course survey reports.

All Informatics courses will provide you with feedback on your progress, in a variety of different ways. For example, this may be written comments on your work, a feedback sheet detailing performance in different areas, discussion in tutorials, or a special review lecture. You should always take careful note of feedback and make use of it in your studies.

The University has prepared a range of materials on feedback, and how to use it to best effect, gathered on the Enhancing Feedback website. For information about how and when you will receive feedback in specific courses, see the individual course websites; if in doubt, ask your lecturer or tutor directly.

You can also provide feedback to lecturers about their courses. During the semester you can do this in person or by email; through your course representatives; or to the ITO. Courses will also distribute feedback questionnaires at the end of semester: please complete and return these, to help with improving courses in the future.

Improving Informatics feedback

Informatics currently is making significant efforts to improve its feedback. As part of this, we have committed ourselves to the Informatics Feedback Pledge toward our students, which establishes the following standards:

  1. You will know what feedback you will receive

    • All coursework and feedback will be advertised with deadlines for submission and feedback
    • Return of coursework will be transparently published and delays monitored and addressed
    • The authenticated Student Portal will provide individual coursework, deadline information
  2. You will receive feedback promptly
    • Within three weeks at most, within two wherever possible
    • Where we know it takes longer, you will know how long before you submit
  3. We are committed to ensuring that you receive useful feedback
    • Where we fail, you can use any channel to point this out (lecturers, ITO, year reps, Year Organisers, etc)
    • The sooner we know, the faster we can act
  4. We will listen to your feedback needs
    • We will respond to every complaint or suggestion
    • Getting this right is important for us and for you
    • A dedicated Feedback Officer will handle these issues

Course Surveys

The School of Informatics welcomes constructive comments on its courses, and suggestions for improvement.  In Week 9 of each semester you will be sent a unique link to an 'EvaSys' Course Evaluation survey to complete for each course.  Your responses will be published anonymously soon after the surveys have closed by the Informatics Teaching Organisation on the 'Course Survey Reports' webpage (link below) and will be read by the Director of Teaching, Year Organiser, and to the Course Lecturer to aid future course development. 

The reports made available to students online are based on all responses to all multiple-choice questions (with the exception of those questions relating to individual course lecturers which will not be published online, but will be read by the Director of Teaching, Year Organiser, and to the Course Lecturer), plus the text reponses to the following questions:

  • What did you find most valuable about the course?
  • What improvements, if any, would you make to the course?
  • Please add any other comments you have about workshops and tutors:
  • Please provide any additional comments you may have about the course or teaching on the course"

Session 2022/23 surveys for Semester 1 courses will be made available Week TBC .

Survey for semester 2 courses will be available from Semester 2, Week TBC

Course Survey Reports

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