Course guide for UG1

Year 1 courses and registration

Course registration

You will automatically be registered for the core courses that are required for your degree, but (unless you are on some joint degrees) you will normally also need to register for some outside courses.

Choosing outside courses

Your Informatics welcome email contains links to course choice forms for our degree programmes. The course choice form for your programme leads you through the process of choosing outside courses. The form includes suggestions of courses commonly taken by Informatics students. It also asks questions about your level of maths, to check if you would benefit from taking Fundamentals of Algebra and Calculus, an introductory course in University Mathematics covering topics not covered in the previous education of many incoming undergraduates on degrees involving Mathematics.

In general, your outside courses must be at level 7 or level 8, and you must have fulfilled any prerequisites. A full load of courses is 120 credits, and it is strongly recommended that you take 60 credits in each semester. There are various tools to help you view course options:

  • List of common outside courses: A document put together yearly by one of the lecturers in Informatics which lists some of the more common choices for 1st and 2nd year options.
  • Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study (DRPS): Click through to this year's DRPS to browse all courses across the University.
  • PATH: A support tool with a nicer interface for choosing optional courses, checking your timetable, and building your degree programme.

Core courses

The formal course requirements for your degree are set out in the Degree Programme Tables (DPTs). The Informatics courses available to students in Year 1 are listed below. 

The courses "Introduction to Computation" and "Object Oriented Programming" are "core" courses. You must pass these courses  (either at the first sitting or at the August resit) before you will be permitted to progress into the second year.

Course Acronym Home page DRPS Suitability
Informatics 1 - Introduction to Computation INF1A School web page University descriptor Required course for Informatics students, taught in semester 1
Informatics 1 - Object-Oriented Programming INF1B School web page University descriptor Required course for Informatics students, taught in semester 2
Informatics 1 - Cognitive Science INF1-CG School web page University descriptor Required course for some Informatics students, taught in semester 2

As well as having a University course code, all Informatics courses have an acronym, which Informatics staff and students often use to refer to the course. However, staff and students in other schools may not be familiar with our acronyms. A convenient way of finding all Informatics courses (including acronyms) is the full list of Informatics courses.