FAQs for Teaching Support Staff.

We are in the process of reviewing the content of the Teaching Support webpages

Much of the information here remains correct, but some areas require updating. If you have any questions about current processes, please contact Teaching Support using the button below, or visit the Teaching Support Team on Level 6 of Appleton Tower.

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What is the process of applying to become a Teaching Support Provider?

  • Look at the Current Vacancies to see what roles are available
  • Go to Stage 1 of the Application to submit form 1 (your CV style application, which must be done once every year)
  • Go to Stage 2 of the Application to submit form 2 (for the specific role you would like to apply for)
  • Visit Reception 6.05 Appleton Tower to verify Right to Work using original documents
  • If you are appointed, the course organiser needs to let us know. You will then receive an email to confirm the role and hours guaranteed
  • A contract will be generated. At peak times this can take several weeks


What documents do I need for verifying my Right to Work?

  • To comply with UKVI we must see original documents with you in person via a virtual interview. You need to follow the guidance from UKVI checklist
  • If you are a EEA/Swiss National, you must also visit https://www.gov.uk/prove-right-to-work to obtain share code and send to nominated University e-mail address (teaching-support@inf.ed.ac.uk).
  • Irish Nationals do not need to visit https://www.gov.uk/prove-right-to-work to obtain share code - current passport should be enough for a right to work check. 


How do I know if I get the role?

  • You will receive an email from Teaching Support.


Who decides if I am successful for a role?

  • The course organiser has to write to us at Teaching Support with who they would like for each role.


What if I don't hear anything regarding my application?

  • First ask the course organiser to check if they have picked you.
  • Sometimes you may not be chosen for that role due to experience or cohort suitability, but keep trying.


I am an Undergraduate, can I work as a TA or any role I wish?

  • Due to University policies we must adhere to a set of guidelines regarding cohort suitability.
  • To see what you can apply for, look at the 'Student Eligibility Chart' on the Application stage  2 page


What is the Teaching Support training?

  • If you are a new provider you must complete essential training, relevant to your role, before commencing work
  • Once you have completed a session, you do not need to repeat it in following years
  • If the case of a new compulsory course (eg Unconcious Bias) you must go and complete it if you are a new or continuing provider
  • The Training page is constantly updated
  • If you miss a training session in person, you can complete it online via LEARN (see the Training webpages)


I am a tutor, do I claim the double hours in my timesheets?

  • No, the system doubles your hours so only claim for the hour worked for the tutorial. The prep hour will be added on.


I am a demonstrator, do I claim the double hours in my timesheets?

  • Yes, you need to claim both the contact hours as well as the preperation time. The prep hours will not be added on automatically. 


I am working a different role, other than a tutor or demonstrator role, do I claim the double hours in my timesheets?

  • No, only submit the hours that you have worked. 


When and where do I submit my monthly timesheet?

  • Use the 'Getting Paid' page for guidance
  • There is a comprehensive guide of payroll procedures.


How long does my contract take to make?

  • This can change depending on the time of year. Our department processes around 500 applicants during months August to October every year. HR and Payroll have even higher numbers across the college.
  • Please be patient, especially at this time of year, it can take around 4-6 weeks for a contract to be generated depending on multiple factors.
  • In quieter periods we generally see contracts ready within 4 weeks.


How do I access online payslips?

  • Please read through this manual


Do I need a new contract every year?

  • No, once you have a contract it will last until the end of your programme, as long as you work every year.


I already have a contract, what do I need to do every year?

  • You must submit form 1 once every year, otherwise you will be missed from the database when it has refreshed in August.
  • You can then submit form 2 for the roles you would like to apply for


I have just applied but I have missed the training sessions, what should I do?

  • You must complete relevant training for each role, you can do this online via LEARN.


What should I do if I am being asked to work additional hours to those that have been confirmed for the role?

  • Speak to us at Teaching Support before you work any additional hours, we need to confirm that you are able to first.


What should I do if the number of hours I have been allocated is not sufficient to complete the work?

  • Approach the course organiser to discuss this. If further hours need to be arranged, they must write to us at Teaching Support


Where do I collect coursework that is to be marked?

  • Depending on the format; For hard copies collect from the reception 6.05 at Appleton Tower. For online copies, speak to your course organiser for advice.