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Information on payment for teaching support roles.

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Much of the information here remains correct, but some areas require updating. If you have any questions about current processes, please contact Teaching Support using the button below, or visit the Teaching Support Team on Level 6 of Appleton Tower.

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Informatics Teaching Support staff are signed up to a generic post titled 'Teaching Support Provider.'   Teaching support roles are paid the Grade 6 Hourly rate.

Timesheet Submission

Teaching Support Providers (TSPs) are paid in arrears via the University monthly payroll. New TSPs will be set up with a contract and will only be paid once this has been returned, signed, along with a bank mandate. Please note that this is likely to take several weeks at the start of Semester due to sheer volume across the University. Please keep track of your hours and submit the weekly timesheets regardless, whilst you wait for your paperwork to be emailed to you.

Hours claims MUST be submitted WEEKLY using the online 3. Teaching Support Timesheet.

Please refer to the Payroll Dates and Cut Offs for Teaching Support document below for submission deadline dates. Please use this as a reminder, as claims submitted after the cut-off date will be rolled over to the following month’s payroll run.

Semester Dates 2021-22

Payroll Dates 2021-22


The Finance Team and Human Resources have advised that regular timesheet claims must be made throughout the session, rather than a single claim for all hours undertaken at the end of a semester.  You MUST submit 1x 3. Teaching Support Timesheet for EACH WEEK you have worked, which includes all hours undertaken since your last timesheet submission.

In order to have your hours included in the next available payment run, you must submit all of your 3. Teaching Support Timesheets no later than the last Sunday of the last full week of the calendar month, at 23.59hrs. This deadline may vary to accommodate early payment runs due to bank holidays and Christmas.

Although your 3. Teaching Support Timesheet must be submitted at the end of each week, payments will be made at the end of the month, as per the University’s payment cycle.  In general, pay day for the University is the 28th day of each month; unless it falls on a weekend, in which case it is the Friday preceding the 28th. A list of University payment dates can be found on the Finance Department's web page



All new teaching support contracts are set up as Guaranteed Hours (GH) contracts and begin at spinal point 24 of the University of Edinburgh's Grade 6 (UoE6) structure. From November 2021 this starts at £15.76ph plus £2.85 holiday pay (as staff are not entitled to annual leave on GH contracts) = £18.61ph / £28,756 per year (full-time). The UoE Pay Scales from November 2021 are now available. Details of the pay scales can also be found here.


INFORMATION FOR TUTORS -  Tutors are expected to work 1 hour of preparation time for every hour of contact time, but should only claim 1 hour, as the system automatically doubles it upon payment. This is in line with the University’s agreement that, in order to provide an acceptable standard of teaching, the tutor should spend 1hrs preparing for each class.  If you are a tutor, please only submit for your contact / session time(s) as the system automatically pay your preparation time  (i.e. 1hrs worked and claimed = 2hrs paid). 

Example Tutor Timesheet Claim for 1x Contact Hour

Tutorial Hours   Timesheets Submissions Payroll Paid
Contact time Preparation time Hours to be claimed Hours paid out
1hr 1hr 1hr 2hrs


INFORMATION FOR DEMONSTRATORS - If you are a demonstrator, please claim for every hour of contact time, plus an hour for each session you do per week (e.g. if you have a 2x hour lab twice a week, then you should claim 2+2 contact hours plus 2 x session hours = 6 hours).  Demonstrators are provided with both contact and session times in order to provide an acceptable standard of teaching.

Example Demonstrator Timesheet Claim for 1x Contact Hour

Lab Hours   Timesheets Submissions Payroll Paid
Contact time Session time Hours to be claimed Hours paid out
2hrs 1hr 3hrs 3hrs


INFORMATION FOR ALL OTHER ROLES - All other roles (such as, but not limited to; TA, TA [Course Prep],  Marker,  Marker [Exam], Engagement Tracker, etc.) are only paid for the agreed working hours, as per their role. If you are not a tutor or demonstrator, please only submit your working hours, as agreed with the course organiser. These overall hours often take into account some preparation time, so no additional compensation is provided.

Example ALL OTHER ROLES Timesheet Claim for 1x Hour of Work

Working Hours Timesheet Submissions Payroll Paid
Hours Worked Hours to be claimed Hours paid out
1hr 1hr 1hr




This needs to be approved by course lecturer and authorised by the Director of Teaching PRIOR to the work being carried out. You MUST NOT work any additional hours without the expressed permission of Informatics Student Services. If you think you are nearing your allocated hours limit for a role, please email the lecturer and copy in If the hours have been approved, they will be increased on your record for your claim and you will be notified.





If the Teaching Support worker is  unable to fulfil their teaching support commitments and arranges cover with another worker on the same course, they must advise the course lecturer and Teaching Support ( ) immediately. This is to ensure that cover has been arranged and that the workers are compensated for the appropriate number of hours worked.




All claims will be checked and monitored prior to being passed to Payroll for payment. Any inaccurate claims may result in your payment being delayed, possibly to the next payment run. Please refer to the 'Payroll Dates and Cut Offs' document on this page. 

If you have not recieved the payment you throught you should, please check the Payroll cut off dates, as it may have been submitted in the next payroll batch.

If you have not submitted your banking details after signing your contract, our Payroll Team will not be able to process any claims for payment. 

Please email should you have any queries.


Accessing Payslips

You can access your payslip electronically via the Employee Self-Service (Online Payslips). Please ensure you save a PDF copy of these for your records as you will not have access to them online once your contract has ended.

For queries around content on your payslip, contact Payroll team via: or telephone the Payroll team.

For queries about accessing your online payslip, via employee self-service, contact HR Systems team via or telephone: +44 131 650 8126.


Payments for Research Assistants (RAs)

Please note that part-time RAs can be paid by contract and timesheet, as detailed above.  Full-time RAs are expected to contribute to teaching within the School as part of their contractual obligations and cannot be paid extra for this work.  You are advised to check on your staff and possible payment status at the time of application, helping to ensure that you don't complete work that subsequently can't be recompensed.  RAs who do decide to apply for these posts, should firstly check with their PI before committing to this work.


Payment for PCD Scholarship Students

Students funded via the teaching strand of the Principal's Career Development scholarship are encouraged to contribute up to 150hrs of teaching work per session, meaning payment cannot be made via the timesheet process.  PCD students will be approached prior to the start of session to identify courses that they'd like to contribute to, usually signing up to advertised tutor, demonstrator, marker or Teaching Assistant positions. 


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