Outreach Events & Opportunities

Information on vacancies at Outreach events.


The School organises and contributes to a series of recruitment events, designed to raise the profile of our research agenda and increase the visibility of our degree programmes.  Examples of these events include:

We're always keen to recruit existing students to assist with the organisation of these events, particularly those who are willing to share their experience of Informatics with the public, applicants or even interested parents.  The Informatics Communications Team will elicit applications prior to each event, although you are encouraged to contact us (infcomms@inf.ed.ac.uk) if any of these events interest you.


The University has agreed that payment for these outreach activities shall normally be made at grade UE03.  When recruiting for an event that offers an alternative rate of pay, you will be informed at the recruitment stage.

Those already committed to a Teaching Support contract should claim for payment using the standard timesheet process, indicating the date and title of the event. Students who don't already have an employment contract with the School can be paid via the University's Casual Payment Voucher (Form 100) process, although should be aware that payment via this route can only be made three times per financial year. 

Part-time RAs can be paid, as detailed above. Full-time RAs are expected to contribute to these events as part of their contractual obligations and cannot be paid extra for this work.