Teaching Support Overview

Teaching Support within the School of Informatics.

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Much of the information here remains correct, but some areas require updating. If you have any questions about current processes, please contact Teaching Support using the button below, or visit the Teaching Support Team on Level 6 of Appleton Tower.

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Teaching Support Introductory Presentation

The School of Informatics is able to offer a wide range of fixed-term teaching support posts, including, tutor, demonstrator, teaching assistant and marker roles to students who are currently studying at the University of Edinburgh. 

These Teaching Support posts mean we can commit to providing faster feedback to UG and PGT students, whilst ensuring that tutor groups can be kept to a minimum size.  These benefits contribute to an improved learning experience for our students, help improve retention rates, provide better graduates and raise the profile of the courses and programmes we offer, as such Teaching Support staff are greatly valued by both the School and students

Rewards of being a member of Teaching Support Staff?

As well as the clear benefits to our taught students, we believe you will also benefit from this exposure to the teaching environment.  Rewards of teaching support work include:

  • Developing subject area knowledge
  • Developing organisational and time management skills
  • Developing communication, leadership and interpersonal skills
  • A valuable insight for those considering a career in academia

More information can be found in the Teaching Support Training web page.

Teaching Support Staff Policies

The School has developed the following Teaching Support Staff [TSS] policy which aims to clearly define teaching support roles; clarify UG, PGT, and PGR student eligilbity for roles; define the responsibilities of both lecturers and members of TSS; and provide details of the available support for TSS:

Teaching Support Staff Policy

The following policy details the eligibility and rules regarding taught student employment for teaching support work:

Employment of Taught Students for Teaching Support Policy