IPAB Workshop-04/02/2021



Title: Towards robotic lung sampling in critically ill patients 

In this talk, I will briefly discuss our recent work on design and development of a robotic bronchoscopy platform for sampling of the distal lung in mechanically-ventilated patients in critical care units. This talk focuses on: (1) Real-time mathematical modelling a flexible catheter. I will explain how modelling of a flexible robot can be simplified as boundary value problem (BVP), and later discuss how the BVP is solved in real-time using non-conventional numerical methods. (2) Data-driven steering of the catheter in an unknown environment under external disturbances. This talk is based on our recent submissions to ICRA 2021. 

Feb 04 2021 -

IPAB Workshop-04/02/2021

Mohsen Kadem

Blackboard Collaborate