LFCS Lab Lunch - Further Information

Here you will find everything you need to know about the organisation of Lab Lunch, who is organising and who will be speaking.

Duties of the LFCS Lab Lunch Organiser

Lab Lunch organisers are traditionally second year Ph.D students in LFCS, with the year running from September to August the following year. The student Lists and Speaker Lists are created by the Deputy Heads of Institute.


  • If you are scheduled to organise a Lab Lunch and cannot, update the Deputy Heads of Institute asap
  • To organise the speaker during your allocated ‘organiser’ role time and update subsequent organiser
  • To make sure invitations are sent out to speakers at least two weeks before a talk
  • To ensure that invitations contain the speaker name and title, and abstract
  • To liaise with administration Level 4 Admin Team to ensure all web information is up-to-date
  • To support the speaker and set up any equipment at least 10 minutes before a talk starts. Projector is available from Level 4 Admin office staff.
  • To purchase biscuits for talk attendees. Expense claims should be submitted to Level 4 Admin office
  • Ensure the presentation starts in a timely manner and does not run over alotted time
  • Rubbish is removed from MF2

Lab Lunch timetable exclusions:

  • Lab Lunches will be cancelled if they coincide with Key School, University or external event
  • Christmas during the period of closure
  • During Boards of Examiners meetings
  • If no suitable speaker is available, you should contact the Deputy Heads of Institute
  • The first Tuesday in every month the Lab Lunch space is used for a PhD Lunch If you an organiser and unsure whether a Lab Lunch should go ahead, please contact either Rick Sarkar or Chris Heunen


  • Make sure the seating in the MF2 is tidy and attendees can see the screen
  • Set up projector and test presentation before attendees arrive
  • Following presentation, dismantle and return equipment to the Level 4 Admin Office  

The Level4 Admin Team on level is located in 4.37